Learn about the prerequisites for deploying CAST Imaging. This includes understanding the various components and packages, how to size your required hardware, the prerequisites for an installation and how to get the installation media.

Deployment considerations for CAST Imaging

To deploy CAST Imaging, it is important to understand and consider the following:

  • Packages/components available and required
  • Typical architecture scenario
  • Which deployment architecture should you use?
  • Type of Applications being onboarded

Hardware requirements for CAST Imaging

Understand the hardware that is required to deploy CAST AIP for Imaging:

  • On-premises deployment
  • Cloud based deployment

Software requirements for CAST Imaging

What do you actually need to have in place before you can start the installation process?

  • CAST Imaging instance requirements
  • AIP Console (front end) package requirements, including requirements for end users accessing AIP Console
  • AIP Node (back end) package requirements, including AIP Core analysis engine
  • CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL requirements
  • Offline CAST Extend server (optional) requirements

CAST Imaging architecture