CAST Imaging has sometimes been affected by a cache issue where after upgrade to a new release of CAST Imaging, the release number in the splash page was incorrect (still shows the old release number). This issue has now been fixed for new installations starting 2.11.  For those upgrading to 2.11 (or above) and still facing the issue, it can be resolved by editing the nginx.conf file as detailed below:

Step 1 - Locate and edit the nginx.conf file

Locate and edit the following file:

Microsoft Windows traditional installer:
Docker Installer extension (located in the folder created when unzipping the extension):

Microsoft Windows via traditional installer

This file is located in the protected %APPDATA% location, therefore you must open the file with elevated permission (this is usually achieved by right clicking your text editor in the Windows start menu and selecting Run as administrator):


You may need to use elevated permissions to edit this file (for example use sudo).

Step 2 - Add in required code

Locate the following line in the nginx.conf file:

location ~ ^/imaging(.*) {

Add the following code directly before this line:

location ~ .*html$ {
	expires -1; 
	add_header 'Cache-Control' 'no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, proxy-revalidate, max-age=0'; 

For example:

Step 3 - Apply changes

Save the nginx.conf file and ensure that you restart the CAST Imaging System - imaging-fe Windows service or the nginx (server) Docker container in order for the new configuration to be taken into account.