Summary: this page describes how to use the Admin Center. The ADMIN or SUPER ADMIN is required to access the Admin Center.


CAST Imaging provides an Admin Center that enables you to:

  • Manage the Application data that is displayed for end-users, for example:
    • Import new Application data into CAST Imaging
    • Refresh existing Application data
    • Remove Application data from CAST Imaging
  • Manage aliases for imported Application data
  • Mange permissions assigned to users to authorize/prevent access to admin capabilities and Application data
  • Manage CAST Imaging license key
  • Manage CAST Imaging preferences
  • Manage the Application to Application Dependencies scope
  • Manage tenants
  • Generate an API key

Accessing the Admin Center

Log in to CAST Imaging and then click the configure icon:

Alternatively, you can browse direct to the following URL (ensure you specify the correct server (change "localhost"):


Or you can use the Admin Center menu option when logged in:

Admin Center layout

The default layout is as below:

Click to enlarge

Each numbered panel in the above image is explained below:


This panel provides information about the current release of CAST Imaging and the license key that has been applied. See Admin Center - License management panel.


This panel displays the number of applications that have already been imported into CAST Imaging and the total number that can be imported (based on the license key). The add iconin the top right corner allows you to import an Application zip file (see Admin Center - Application management panel).

When this panel is clicked the list of Applications imported into CAST Imaging is displayed in the table (panel 8) - this is also the default view when opening the Admin Center.

In ≥ 2.20.0, "Link/Unlink annotations" option is moved from Admin Center to Config Center application specific (instead of tenant specific).


This panel allows you to manage the roles that can be assigned to users or groups:

  • Create new roles
  • Edit existing roles

When this panel is clicked the list of current roles available in CAST Imaging is displayed in the table (panel 8). See Admin Center - Roles panel.


This panel allows you to manage user and group data access permissions and roles. When this panel is clicked the list of current users managed in CAST Imaging is displayed in the table below (panel 8). See Admin Center - Users panel.

5APP TO APP DEPENDENCIESThis panel allows you to manage the User Guide - Application to Application dependencies scope. When this panel is clicked the panel 8 will list the Applications available in CAST Imaging and the options for configuring the Inter Application Dependencies scope. See Admin Center - Application to Application Dependencies management.
6MULTI TENANTThis panel is only available to users with the SUPER ADMIN role. It allows you to manage multi-tenant deployment. Tenants are a mechanism to allow clear separation of data within one single instance of CAST Imaging. See Admin Center - Multi tenant panel.
Available in ≥ 2.9.0.

The Search panel allows you to configure parameters specifically for searching for objects in the current application based on the objects' properties. These search parameter selections are then made available to users when using the global (i.e. "all application") search option based on properties.

See Admin Center - Search panel.


This panel is only available to users with the SUPERADMIN role and is only visible if more than one tenant exists in the current instance of CAST Imaging. It allows you to switch to a different tenant for the purpose of managing applications/roles/users. See Admin Center - Multi tenant panel.


This panel shows different content depending on the context:

Available options