New Features

Technical - Managing ETL Jobs for Import, Update, Remove, ETL Automation and Link generation for App to app dependenciesIt is now possible to trigger multiple imports, generate links for app to app dependencies one after the other and remove applications at the same time. A queue system has been implemented that is maintained now - this can take a maximum of 25 jobs. In addition a new option has been added to the Admin Center for Application Management and for App to App Dependencies management that allows you to view the status of the queue and cancel the current job. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Admin+Center+-+Application+management and https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Admin+Center+-+Application+to+Application+Dependencies+management#AdminCenterApplicationtoApplicationDependenciesmanagement-Viewingthestatusofanyongoingjobs.
GUI - Custom Aggregation modeIt is now possible to create a Custom Aggregation mode to choose how your application objects are grouped together or displayed. These modes are in addition to the default aggregation mode available out of the box (CAST Taxonomy, Modules, Services, Architecture Models). See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Creating+a+custom+aggregation+mode.
GUI - Level slider for Application scope and CAST Taxonomy aggregation modeIt is now possible to change levels using a slider available in the bottom right corner of the screen. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI#UserGuideGUI-Bottomrightcorner.

Feature Improvements

GUI - Global search improvementsA new filter option is added on the right side of the global search text box. This filter provides advanced configuration options for the search results - name (default) and fullname, search by position - start, end, any(default). Regular Expression patterns can also be used (if enabled) when searching. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Search+for+items#UserGuideSearchforitems-Objectsearch.
GUI - App to App dependencies scope - renamedInter Application Dependencies scope has now been renamed as "App to App dependencies scope". See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Application+to+Application+dependencies+scope.
GUI - Object properties panelThe display of an object's properties when clicking on a node has been removed. Instead it is now possible to view the object's properties in either of two ways: 1) right click on the desired object and click on the properties option or 2) select a node, and click on the expand icon found in the top right corner of the application - see https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI#UserGuideGUI-Toprightcorner.
CAST Imaging - text case change"CAST IMAGING" has been changed to "CAST Imaging" throughout the UI of the application.
GUI - Multiple source code occurrences across different filesAn object's or bookmark's multiple occurrences can be present in different files - this is now handled by CAST Imaging. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Viewing+source+code.
GUI - Shortest Path optionThe existing shortest path option is now available by default in the Investigate panel (the option is disabled by default). In addition, multiple shortest path for a given transaction are now handled. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI#UserGuideGUI-layoutLayoutoptions.
GUI - App to App Dependencies scope - link improvementsNew link types have been added between Applications. The existing links "Implemented By" and "Duplicated By" are now deprecated. Some link types were missing technologies, which has been fixed. Overall there is now a more accurate representation of the technologies connecting two applications.
GUI - App to App Dependencies scope - Admin centerImproved stability to the applications list in the admin center, with regard to the selection/de-selection of applications for display, as well as accuracy of the count of selected applications.
GUI - App to App Dependencies scope - drill downDrill-downs are now functional into nodes and edges, after adding caller-callee/linked nodes into the view.
GUI - App to App Dependencies scope - application authorizationsThe App to App Dependencies scope now honours the application authorization of a particular user. The user will only be able to view the applications that have been assigned to him/her.
GUI - App to App Depdencies scope - improved management of jobsThe configuration process for the App to App Dependencies scope has been added to the same job queue that is used for managing the import/delete of applications. This will avoid parallel runs of app import/app to app analysis/app delete. In addition it is no longer possible to import an app, if an App to App Dependencies scan is already in progress.
GUI - Improved source code viewerThe Source Code viewer has been updated and improved: only specific source code is displayed (a few lines before and after the object occurrence) and the rest of the source code is compressed and can be expanded if required. https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Viewing+source+code.
GUI - Comment feature updates and improvementsThe existing Comment feature has been updated: 1) Feature is now named "Insert", 2) The feature is split into "Insert Shape" and "Insert Text". 3) Colour themes are no longer available. 4) The size of the shape is directly proportionally to the zoom behavior of the canvas. Note that any existing comments added in previous releases will be available post upgrade, however, they will be in read-only mode and will need to be manually copied to a new Insert Text option if they need to be edited. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Working+with+inserts+or+comments.
GUI - New legend for Application scope aggregation modesWhen the Application scope, any aggregation mode and the Objects level are selected, colours are now used to identify the specific grouped items (Modules, Service etc.) in the view.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
28870Cannot create tags in SCOPE = Module
28956Select/Unselect all option in objects view is not working
28028Slow response when loading level 5 and objects view in a transaction
28283The comment box in imaging is not getting widened in the direction it is expected