Replaces 2.11.0-funcrel which was withdrawn due to an error when importing application data into a fresh installation of CAST Imaging (upgraded installations were unaffected). 2.11.1-funcrel contains the same fixes and updates as 2.11.0-funcrel (listed below), in addition to a fix for the error introduced in 2.11.0-funcrel.

Feature Improvements

UI - Transaction and Data Call Graph scopes - Removal of virtual input and output nodesThe "virtual" input and output nodes displayed at object level in the Transaction and Data Call Graph scopes have been removed. These virtual items sometimes caused confusion as they were considered as real input or output nodes. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Data+Call+Graph+scope#UserGuideDataCallGraphscope-trans_startCallgraphstartandendpoints(input/output) and https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Transaction+scope#UserGuideTransactionscope-trans_startTransactionstartandendpoints(input/output).
UI - Truncated names for classes with long namesWhen a class name is more than 60 characters long, the name will now be truncated to 60 characters and ellipses (...) will be added to indicate the name has been truncated. The following pattern will be used for the class names: 10characters + ellipses + 49characters.
UI - Custom Scope - Undo removed objectsWhen using the Custom scope (results of a global object search), it is now possible to use the Undo/Redo options in the bottom left corner of the view, specifically to re-instate an object that has been removed. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Custom+scope#UserGuideCustomscope-Removingobjectsfromacustomscope.
Admin - Preferences - Preferred Graph LayoutThe Preferred Graph Layout option is now applied to the standard Custom scope and the Custom scope available in the App to App Dependencies scope (in addition to the Application scope as in previous releases). See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Configuring+display+preferences#Configuringdisplaypreferences-Preferredgraphlayout.
UI - Preferences - Advanced Search ConfigurationsThe "Object Search filter" settings have been renamed to "Advanced Search Configurations". In addition, these settings are now also valid for the new Transactions and Data Call Graph scope filter result search mechanism: see https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Configuring+display+preferences#Configuringdisplaypreferences-AdvancedSearchConfigurations.
UI - Transaction and Data Call Graph scopes - Search filter optionsTwo options previously available in the filter settings (Case Sensitivity and Position) have been removed and have now been added to a new "search" mechanism available for the results of a filtering action. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Transaction+scope#UserGuideTransactionscope-Filteringthelistofavailabletransactions and https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Data+Call+Graph+scope#UserGuideDataCallGraphscope-Filteringthelistofavailabledatacallgraphs.
UI - View legendChanges have been made to the "Legend" in the main view: 1) Three separate tabs are now displayed by default: "Objects", "Properties" and "Source Code", 2) The Legend panel can be hidden and re-displayed, and can be resized to a custom width, 3) Objects are now displayed in two separate groups: Objects and External Objects (new in this release) to make it easier to distinguish between objects that are considered external to the application scope. 4) The Select All/Unselect All options have been renamed as Hide All/Show All. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI+-+Menus+and+Icons#UserGuideGUIMenusandIcons-Legend.
UI - Saved view - Node coloursIn previous releases, when a view was saved the node colours were not retained. Now, the colours of the nodes are saved with the view and when the view is loaded later the nodes retain the same colours.
UI - Insert feature (Text and Rectangle) - ImprovementsThe Insert feature (Text and Rectangle) has been been improved for a better user experience: 1) the resizing and dragging of the boxes has been improved, 2) Users can now choose a rectangle with three different border colors. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Working+with+inserts+or+comments.
UI - Layout options - Sequential and ForceAdditional configuration options have been made available for the Sequential and Force layout options in the Investigate panel. These options allow changes to be made to the way in which each layout option functions. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI+-+Investigate+panel#UserGuideGUIInvestigatepanel-layoutLayoutoptions.
UI - Drill down behaviour when no child nodes existWhen an attempt is made to drill down on an item which has no child nodes, a message will be displayed stating that there are no child nodes and the action will be prevented. In previous releases, drill down was actioned even if the item contained no child nodes.
UI - Saved Views dropdownWhen a view is saved, the view is saved with the username (who creates it) and the timestamp (the date and time when the view was created). Whenever the saved view is updated (either by the same user or another user) it is saved with username (who updates it) and the timestamp (the date and time when the view was updated). See: https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Saving+and+accessing+saved+views#UserGuideSavingandaccessingsavedviews-AccessingaSavedview
Technical - Source Code Viewer configurationFor CAST Imaging deployments on Docker, additional commands "--updatesourcecodeconfig" and "--addextrahost" have been added to the docker-compose. These commands enable you to configure the source code viewer for Docker deployments without having to manually edit the application.properties file. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Configure+the+source+code+viewer.
UI - Object search option on drill downWhen drilling down into a node that contains a large number of objects exceeding the "Node Limit" value set in the Preferences, a popup dialog box is displayed indicating that the resulting view may take a long time to display. This popup now contains a button called "Search Objects" which allows users to search for and then display specific objects from the resulting group of objects. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Configuring+display+preferences#Configuringdisplaypreferences-Notifyobjectscount.
UI - Transaction and Data Call Graph scopes - Object level drill downWhen drilling down on an object (at Object level) to view its sub objects, and when all sub-objects of the selected object are displayed, a popup message is now shown to explain this: "You are currently viewing all the sub-objects in the application for the selected object".
Technical - Backend - Report download improvementsImprovements have been implemented in the report generation feature (see https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Reports): 1) reports are now generated in a batch of 100,000 records to improve performance. 2) for XLSX reports, if there are more than 1 million records, then a new sheet will be created in the same Excel file. 3) For JSON file reports, if there are more than 100,000 records, then the JSON report will not be structured. 4) CSV report behaviour remains unchanged.
Technical - Improvements to caching in ngnixPrevious releases were sometimes affected by a cache issue where after upgrade to a new release of CAST Imaging, the release number in the splash page was incorrect. This issue has now been fixed for new installations. For those upgrading to 2.11 (or above) and still facing the issue, it can be resolved by editing the nginx.conf file as described in https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Manual+action+to+resolve+cache+issue.
Technical - Amazon Web Services & .NET external library classificationCAST Imaging now automatically classifies AWS (Amazon Web Services) and .NET external libraries (such as "System.x") in the main view.
UI - Undo/Redo actionsThe functionality available for the undo/redo buttons (available on the view at Object level) has been updated to include 1) repositioning objects, 2) hide/unhide objects, 3) manually grouped nodes. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI+-+Menus+and+Icons#UserGuideGUIMenusandIcons-Bottomleftcorner.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
IMAGSYS-5462A Note has been added to the Path Finder feature. When the user is in Path Finder mode, they will get the following note: "You are currently using a beta feature and CAST would like to hear your feedback. Write to us at beta-imaging@castsoftware.com". Refer: https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Using+the+Path+Finder+feature#UserGuideUsingthePathFinderfeature-Usingthefeature
IMAGSYS-5404The pop-up message, which appears when user tries to download large transactions, has been updated. Refer: https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Transaction+scope#UserGuideTransactionscope-Full/reducedcallgraph
IMAGSYS-5517Random node colours are generated for views. In the previous releases, a significant number of nodes used only blue colours.
IMAGSYS-5346Fixed an issue where it was not possible to expand from Level 5 into Objects level when Applications were named using specific key words.
IMAGSYS-3804When using the Sequential layout mode and when large numbers of nodes are visible in the view, node overlap issues have been resolved.
IMAGSYS-3359Fixed various internally reported issues with App to App Dependencies scope.
IMAGSYS-3404Fixed various issues with the "expand all" option on "Communities" nodes.
IMAGSYS-5076Fixed an issue where adding object documentation fails when using specific "Aggregated By" modes.
IMAGSYS-5245Fixed an issue where no API call is triggered on drilling on an edge causing the "No nodes" message to be displayed erroneously.
IMAGSYS-5371Fixed issues causing browser console errors when clicking on "stop layout" in Transaction and Data Call Graph scopes.
IMAGSYS-5374Fixed an issue where the object count is not displaying for some objects in the Data Call Graph scope.
IMAGSYS-5391Fixed an issue where the tooltip on Vignette edge click was being erroneously displayed after node and edge drill down.
IMAGSYS-5402Fix same node and same edge drilling on objects view.
IMAGSYS-5407Fixed an issue where some predefined reports were not correct.
IMAGSYS-5409Fixed an issue where it was impossible to drill down to the methods view in the Application to Application Dependencies scope.
IMAGSYS-5410Fixed an issue where the tooltip on Vignette edge click was being erroneously displayed after node and edge drill down.
IMAGSYS-5411Disabled the ability to double click an edge in the object view in the Application to Application Dependencies scope.
IMAGSYS-5415The "Save as" option has been removed when view a saved view.
IMAGSYS-5431Fixed a missing tooltip in the Module scope "Aggregated by" option when selecting edge on vignette.
IMAGSYS-5444Fixed an issue causing raw nodes to be displayed in the Transaction scope when using the Shortest path option.
IMAGSYS-5445Fixed an issue causing multiple paths to be seen in the Data Call Graph scope when using the Shortest path option and when there are multiple end points.
IMAGSYS-5510Fixed an issue causing an error while adding Nodes in the Custom scope (Force Layout).
IMAGSYS-5513Fixed an issue where the default path type in the Pathfinder options window is deselected in some cases.
IMAGSYS-5519Fixed an issue where no API call is triggered on deleting the search text.
IMAGSYS-5551Fixed an issue where no API call is triggered on removing an object type from the Pathfinder options window.
IMAGSYS-5615Fixed an issue in the Global search window where a negative number was displayed for the checked objects count.
IMAGSYS-5622Implemented a mechanism to prevent the Legends panel from being displayed in the Custom scope when there are no nodes plotted.
IMAGSYS-5625Fixed an issue in a Saved view where the node badge text is not scaled correctly.
IMAGSYS-5666Fixed an issue where in the Custom scope drilling down on an edge is throwing a browser console error.
IMAGSYS-5624Fixed an issue where switching to some saved views is throwing an error.
IMAGSYS-5550Fixed an issue where the "Expand all" option is displaying overlapped nodes in the view.
IMAGSYS-5448Fixed an issue where Transactions were displayed with a "null" type.
IMAGSYS-5428Fixed an issue when switching from a large graph view to another large graph view.
IMAGSYS-5372Fixed an issue where drilling down on a node and then on an edge in the Module scope > Aggregated by option fails.
IMAGSYS-5363Fixed an issue where the "Tutorial" icon is disabled (left sidebar) even though it is enabled in the Admin center.
IMAGSYS-5492Fix for issue where user preferences were empty for LDAP and SAML users
IMAGSYS-5881Fixes an issue introduced in 2.11.0-funcrel (now withdrawn) where the import of application data into fresh installations of CAST Imaging were failing (upgraded installations were unaffected).

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
36375Fixed an issue where the Line of Code values reported in Console and Imaging were not the same for the same piece of code.
36453Fixed an issue where the REST API "/imaging/api/domains/{tenantName}/apps/{appName}/apilevel5" (API Level5 Nodes) in Swagger returns error 400 - Invalid Request due to the need to include "view_name" (Swagger does not explain this).
36218Fixed an issue where a direct reference is incorrectly created from a javascript file to a MongoDB object in the Transaction scope.
36252Fixed an issue where attempting to update a previously created and saved view caused an error.
35918Fixed and issue where application import was failing at the step "Removal of all lambdas" due to out of memory error.
36085Fixed an issue where the "Case Sensitive" option was set to enabled by default causing some searches not to return expected object names. This option is now set to disabled.
36217Fixed an issue in the Transaction scope causing some entry point items for some transactions to be completely isolated.
36415Fixed an issue where "unresolved objects" were not displayed. This fix requires the application to be re-exported/imported into CAST Imaging.
36565Fixed an issue where the "Custom Aggregation view" was showing a link in the wrong direction and was producing an empty drill-down view.
36570Fixed an issue where the CustomAggregation Property info for a component was still displayed even after deleting the associated Custom Aggregation item.
36523Fixed an issue where CAST Imaging crashes with an "out of memory" error displayed in the browser when attempting to select multiple objects.
35820Fixed an issue where Technologies modules automatically configured by Console are not filtered by the exporter. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/2.11.x-funcrel+-+Instructions+for+35820+customer+bug+fix for more information about how to fix this issue.
36705Fixed an issue where roles are duplicated in the Admin Center > User panel after switching from LDAP to local authentication mode.
36356Fixed an issue where the user was unable to open a saved view.
35528Fixed an issue where the import into CAST Imaging was failing with the error "ERROR Import: error while remodeling the graph".
1Fixed an issue causing a 404 error in the browser console when attempting to expand Level 5 nodes. This was due to the name of the application using an internal keyword.



This release has been withdrawn due to an error when importing application data into a fresh installation of CAST Imaging (upgraded installations are unaffected). 2.11.1-funcrel contains the same fixes and updates as 2.11.0-funcrel, in addition to a fix for the error introduced in 2.11.0-funcrel.

Known Issues

Internal IdDetails
IMAGSYS-5881Application imports fail for brand new installations of CAST Imaging (i.e. with no existing application data). Upgraded installations are unaffected.