New Features

UI - Path Finder and Call GraphThe Path Finder tool has been improved with the addition of a new feature that allows a Call Graph to be displayed from the selected source object (rather than having to choose a target/destination object). See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Using+the+Path+Finder+feature. Note that this new feature is in beta and will be improved/updated in future releases of CAST Imaging: if you have feedback about this feature, please let us know.

Feature Improvements

UI - Application to Application link count notificationFollowing the successful generation of Application to Application links, a notification will be displayed listing the total number of links (not new links) that have been generated between applications.
UI - Right hand panel improvementsThe UI design for the right hand panel has been changed for a better user experience. We now show "Legends", "Object Properties" and "Source Code" under the same panel. The panel can also be resized, closed completely or popped out into a standalone dialog box. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI+-+Menus+and+Icons#UserGuideGUIMenusandIcons-Legend.
UI - Saved views - Avoid using existing nameCAST Imaging now will not allow users to save a view with a name that already exists. A warning message is now displayed when this is attempted. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Saving+and+accessing+saved+views#UserGuideSavingandaccessingsavedviews-Save/SaveAsoptions.
UI - Data Call Graph scope - filter based on link typesWhen filtering in the Data Call Graph scope, the ability to filter on link types accessing the output has been added (previously this filter was not available). See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Data+Call+Graph+scope#UserGuideDataCallGraphscope-Filteringthelistofavailabledatacallgraphs.
UI - Notify objects count popup changesThe behaviour of the "Notify objects count" popup (which is displayed when attempting to drill into a new view which contains more objects than configured in CAST Imaging "Preferences" and which would therefore impact performance)) has been modified to allow the user to download a .CSV file containing the list of objects that would be displayed in the resulting view. In previous releases, the popup served only as a warning that the resulting view would contain a large number of objects. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Configuring+display+preferences#Configuringdisplaypreferences-Notifyobjectscount for more information.
UI - Change node and object icons from SVG to font renderingAll icons used for nodes and objects in the view now use font rendering instead of SVG files. This has been done primarily to improve performance when the view is loaded, which is particularly useful when a large number of nodes/objects are present in the view.
UI - Show path improvementsThe Show path feature has been improved: 1) now ALL the available paths from source to target node are highlighted and 2) it is no longer possible to select a target object from a list - instead source and target objects are selected directly in the view. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI+-+Menus+and+Icons#UserGuideGUIMenusandIcons-Toprightcorner.
UI - Minor change to Input/Output itemsThe highilighting used for Input/Output items in the Transaction and Data Call Graph scopes has changed slightly: instead of "flashing" red circles around the items, the red circles are static. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Data+Call+Graph+scope#UserGuideDataCallGraphscope-trans_startCallgraphstartandendpoints(input/output) or https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Transaction+scope#UserGuideTransactionscope-trans_startTransactionstartandendpoints(input/output).
UI - Current view searchIt is now possible to select all (using a "Select All" checkbox) items returned by the current view (search mostly used when searching for objects which have common names). See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Search+for+items#UserGuideSearchforitems-currentCurrentviewsearch.
UI - App to App Dependencies - External LibrariesWhen an Application search includes an External Library, any matching Applications will be displayed along with the External Library object. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Application+to+Application+dependencies+scope#UserGuideApplicationtoApplicationdependenciesscope-Applicationsearchoption.
UI - Transaction and Data Call Graph filtering improvementsThe UI design of the Transaction and Data Call Graph filtering mechanism has been improved and sort icons added (alphabetical/and by number of objects in the Reduced Call Graph). See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Transaction+scope#UserGuideTransactionscope-Filteringthelistofavailabletransactions or https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Data+Call+Graph+scope#UserGuideDataCallGraphscope-Filteringthelistofavailabledatacallgraphs.
UI- Large graph rendering stop buttonA new Stop Layout button has been implemented which replaces the existing stop icons in the bottom right corner and has the same behaviour as those icons. When a graph containing over a certain number of objects (specified in Preferences) is requested by the user, instead of displaying information in the bottom right corner as in previous releases, a message is now displayed in the centre of the view. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI+-+Menus+and+Icons
UI - Full Call Graph CountCount is added to the Full Call Graph option in Graph Options button. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+GUI+-+Investigate+panel#UserGuideGUIInvestigatepanel-layoutLayoutoptions.
Technical - APIs to support custom iconsTwo new APIs have been added to allow users to create custom object icon mappings. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/Configuring+internal+type+custom+icons+using+the+API.
Technical - Cyper query APIIt is now possible to send cyper queries via the CAST Imaging API using "/imaging/api/domains/{tenantName}/apps/{tenantName}/resources/query". This query is also available in the interactive Swagger documentation.
UI - Change to the display of "escalated" linksThe UI now displays escalated links slightly differently: instead of displaying only the type of links between the two items, now, the word "References" is displayed, along with the type of link. See https://doc.castsoftware.com/display/IMAGING/User+Guide+-+Understanding+Links.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
IMAGSYS-5051Fixed an issue causing an invalid license in SAML authentication mode.
IMAGSYS-4501Fixed an issue where switching from App to App Dependency scope Object level view to any Application's transaction page is throwing a console error.
IMAGSYS-5213Fixed an issue associated to object navigation in the App to App Dependencies scope.
IMAGSYS-5201Fixed an issue related to the TaxonomyOfObjects procedure app name issue.
IMAGSYS-5195Fixed an issue where right clicking in lower right corner of the view was breaking the UI.
IMAGSYS-5136Fixed an issue causing erroneous count values in the right click context menu.
IMAGSYS-5135Fixed an issue where drilldown was not working for some objects.
IMAGSYS-5063Fixed an issue causing the import of application data to fail if the database name used to store the Analysis schema for the exported application was set to something other than "postgres".
IMAGSYS-4779Fixed an issue where Console was not using the correct Imaging URL for pulication requirements causing the "Publish to CAST Imaging" step to fail in Console.
IMAGSYS-4694Fixed an issue where the Preferences screen is empty for a user, when an admin user changes the settings for the Tutorial feature.
IMAGSYS-4686Fixed an issue where in Preferences, the default settings were not correctly set for read-only access users.
IMAGSYS-5017Fixed an issue where the API JSF node was isolated in the Level 5 view.
IMAGSYS-5249Fixed an issue where the "become admin" message was being displayed for users despite the fact that there was already a user with the admin role.
IMAGSYS-5163Fixed an issue where PCI property dropdown value was enabled after selecting GDPR.
IMAGSYS-5365The way in which TypeScript and Angular objects are handled by CAST Imaging has been improved: 1) Angular Components and Directives have been "promoted" to Object level 2) Implementation Classes have been merged into Components and Directives.
IMAGSYS-5340Fixed an issue where the transaction count was changing to 0 after opening the transaction filter.
IMAGSYS-5199Fixed a redirect issue on opening CAST Imaging url directly.
IMAGSYS-5130Fixed an issue where deleting applications from CAST Imaging was not deleting them from the App to App Dependencies view.
IMAGSYS-5342Fixed an issue where reloading the Transaction view page cause "undefined" to be displayed in the Transaction selection dropdown.
IMAGSYS-5324Fixed an issue where the Tutorial feature is not working for non-admin users.
IMAGSYS-5276Fixed an issue where the "Show Callees/Show Path" options were not available in a custom view.
IMAGSYS-5243Fixed an issue where reloading the Data Call Graph view page cause "undefined" to be displayed in the Data Call Graph selection dropdown.
IMAGSYS-5262Fixed an issue where the Transaction search was not filtering matching results.
IMAGSYS-3336Fixed an issue causing a "Failed to load graph" error message to be displayed when opening the Property window.
IMAGSYS-5005More accurate links for reports for Relation between objects and data sources, Relation between data sources and transactions, Relation between transactions and data sources (included aipLinkTypes).
IMAGSYS-5366A note has been added to the Pathfinder dialog box to indicate that it is a beta feature and also a feedback Mail ID is provided.
IMAGSYS-5309Added properties to trace source code results in source code application.properties , trace.methods.duration=false trace.methods.result=false trace.queries.duration=false trace.queries.shrink=true trace.indented=true datasource.min.idledatasource for updating idle time and datasource.max.pool.size=5, for maximum number of connections

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
35389Fixed an issue where multiple views could be saved with an identical name.
35624Fixed an issue where there was a difference in count values between the Transaction/Data Call Graph advanced list (with output type selected as ALL) and the AppInsight count for Transactions and Data Call Graph objects.
35308Fixed an issue causing the Imaging Cypher search to function sporadically.
35211Fixed an issue where the ETL Automation was failing due to the error "file does not exist".
35147Fixed an issue where there were missing references between Nodes in a Custom Aggregation View.
34619Fixed an issue causing an error when trying to add caller objects in the view.
35618Fixed an issue where it was not possible to view the link between objects and a group.
35888Fixed an issue causing a "500 error" when trying to execute cypher queries.
35605Fixed an issue causing missing links from Web Service Linker in the App to App Dependencies view.
35406Fixed an issue causing an application import into a new tenant to fail at the step "Import all Highlight properties" as importer is unable to find the file "highlight_cloudready_patterns.csv".
35398Fixed an issue where an Oracle Table object is displayed twice in the Legend when clicking "Investigate Database Tables" in AppInsight panel.
35164Fixed an issue where the application import was stuck at the step "Escalation of Method to Class Links".
35901Fixed an issue where the Add Linked Objects option does not show all the links when searching by link type.
35753Fixed an issue where using the undo (CTRL+Z) option on text in a Document-It item causes the cursor to move to the title field and to delete the last character.
35595Fixed an issue where incorrect references are created between modules though the link between module objects doesn't exist in the Analysis schema.
34694Fixed an issue where the radial view does not get expanded automatically for Levels 1-4.
35226Fixed an issue where the import was failing at the step "Merge of unwanted Anonymous functions onto their SubObject parents".
35661Fixed error "! Failed to get graph data"
35164Fixed an issue where the import was stuck at the step "Escalation of Method to Class Links".
35456Fixed an issue where it was taking a long time to display source code for file sizes greater than 500KB.
36112Fixed an issue in Level 5 in the Transaction view where a direct reference from a Java Class to a Copybooks is visible that is not visible at Objects level.