See here for more information about the third-party software that is shipped and installed with CAST Imaging.



Framework identification

A new set of nodes is now available in Levels 4 and 5 which represent the different frameworks of the application. This functionality allows you to identify the level of adherence of the framework within the application and evaluate the level of effort that might be required to decommission this framework. A specific focus has been done on the different frameworks provided b Apache, Google, Amazon and Spring.

Application Management portal improvements

  • Importing Application data for Applications that already exist in CAST Imaging will now cause a data merge to be performed - so new objects may be visible and existing objects may be removed or updated.
  • The existing back/next/skip buttons have been removed and navigation through the import process is achieved via the navigation buttons:

Partial installer now available

A partial installer is now available (ImagingSystemUpdate.exe) which allows you to update to 1.4.0 (from 1.3.0) and retain your existing data. See Updating to the current release using ImagingSystemUpdate.exe.

For those still using 1.2.x and wanting to update to 1.4.0, follow these instructions: Updating from 1.2.x to 1.3.x.

Transaction start and end points now highlighted

Transaction start and end points are now highlighted in the view - see also User Guide.

Start point

End point

Current view search

It is now possible to search for an icon in the current view (i.e. the search scope is limited to the current view). See User Guide for more information.

Admin/User menu options

The admin drop-down is updated with a new option, 'Documentation'. Documentation option takes the user to the CAST Imaging doc portal.

Export to CSV improvements

The export to CSV option is now split into two:

  • Export list of objects in the view
  • Export relationships between objects in the view

Investigation view (vignette) can now be resized and moved

The Investigation view (accessible by double clicking a node or edge in Level 5) can now be resized or moved (using drag and drop) at will:

Resize action

Interactive legend

The legend available in the top right corner of the view is now interactive and enables you to enable and disable associated objects in the view:

All items enabled:

Web interaction disabled:

Ability to add view comments

It is now possible to add a comment to Level 5 Application views and all levels in Transaction views (one comment per view only). Use the  icon on the left had toolbar to add the comment. See also User Guide.

Known issues and vulnerabilities

  • At the current time, it is only possible to extract data from an Analysis Service which contains one single Application.
  • Not all objects and links from the Analysis Service schema are loaded in CAST Imaging (i.e. nothing below Java class). Only link type implemented are "references" for links between concept nodes and call links between objects.
  • No count of number of objects for Transactions view
  • No double click on Edge on level 5 view for Transactions scope
  • Expand features and double click(Investigation) do not work in saved views
  • No ability to restrict viewing for users who should not see all applications
  • Applications containing the following technologies cannot be imported into CAST Imaging at the current time:
    • PeopleSoft
    • Siebel
    • Informatica
  • When using the Save View functionality: if nodes have been grouped together (using the Grouping feature) before the view is saved, when the saved view is subsequently opened, instead of displaying the "grouped node" icon to represent the grouped nodes, the nodes themselves will be displayed on top of each other.