Onboarding Validation of Analysis

This page is here to explain steps of application validation done by ServiceEnablement.

Following screenshots have been taken with a console 1.27


  • Operator in charge of implementation does not need ServiceEnablement to request Module design or Exclusion
  • During implementation, Operator has to comment JIRA.MSREQ with his insight
  • Outputs must be saved on R:\FR\CUSTOMER\PROJECT\ARCHIVE
  • Before delivering, operator must ensure list point below

Application Scope

Idea is to ensure Scope Defined, and all necessary code is analyzed.

Lines of code

Information will be crosscheked with output of Cloc provided in MSREQ by SE

Analysis Report (Not Analyzed files)

Reports "Unalyzed Code"

Analysis review


Analysis logs must be asses, resolved, and ticket must be opened


All DLM must be reviewed


Only one snapshot present per version

Except certain cases, onely one snapshot is required by a MSREQ

Modules computed

PM should have shared project expectations for modules design

Generated/librairies code exclusion

PM has to validate code to be excluded from snapshots

No Overlapping

UDM shouldn't share artefacts, except on PM explicit request

All necesary artefacts are in snapshot

Unassigned objects in Modules should be explained


IMAGING should be loaded and available at the end of the analysis


#of valid transaction vs Code size

The expectation is to have about 1 valid Transaction per KLoc (jee, .net app)

This is an idea of expected amount based on empiric knowledge

artefactcoverage ratio

The idea is to have enought artefacts participating to transactions

Data entities used ratio

If data entities are not used by application, this mean tables are shared, or they're only technical

Complete transactions

Transactions should mostly go to end-point (data entities), not mocks (exit-point)

Empty transaction ratio

If There are enought valid transaction, ratio should be less than 30% of empty transaction. Ensure your transactions entry point configuration

Dashboard Validation

A review will be ran will ServiceEnablement to browse and discuss quality, and possible exlusion made.

Please note that review of critical violations must be done by operator before delivery


Application backup & Sherlock

Actions to be done in Admin part of console, do not forget Measurement base

Architecture Studio view

An architecture view based on Module design must be computed and available in Architecture Studio

Action Plan Optimizer file

An Empty ActionPlanOptimizer file must be generated

go to C:\Tools\CAST-ActionPlanOptimizer_0.7-Beta\CAST-ActionPlanOptimizer.exe


Use VM : FRTOOLING, credentials gaic/cast@123

go to C:\Tools\com.castsoftware.uc.kyt.1.0.3\bin

Modify json, and run batch

Generated Report

A report concerponding to FRENCH presentation has to be generated

Please follow instruction in Template for automatic report generation

Confluence Page

Confluence page typed AIC Tracking Page muse be created and fully documented