CAST Extend Offline is deprecated. Please use CAST Extend local server instead.

Summary: step-by-step instructions for upgrading CAST Extend Offline to a new release.

Step 1 - Stop existing CAST Extend Offline service (CAST_ExtendService)

Stop the CAST Extend Offline Windows Service to ensure a clean upgrade. Use the Microsoft Windows Services panel to ensure the service is stopped:

Step 2 - Backup existing data

Make a copy of the following folder and save to a different location. This folder contains all the extensions that you have already uploaded into CAST Extend Offline:


Step 3 - Uninstall CAST Extend Offline

See Uninstall CAST Extend Offline.

Step 4 - Download and install the new release of CAST Extend Offline

See Install CAST Extend Offline.

Step 5 - Stop newly installed CAST Extend Offline service (CAST_ExtendService)

Stop the new installation of CAST Extend Offline. Use the Microsoft Windows Services panel to ensure the service is stopped.

Step 6 - Copy the existing data to the new release

Copy the content of the PACKAGES that you backed up in Step 2 in the following path:


Step 7 - Restart the CAST_ExtendService

Restart the new installation of CAST Extend Offline using the Microsoft Windows Services panel.

Step 8 - Generate and upload a bundle

Generate a bundle and upload it to your new CAST Extend Offline instance using the ExtendCli.exe tool provided in your CAST Extend Offline installation at %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\ExtendService\ExtendCli.exe. First run the following command using a Windows CMD prompt ( you can find your api-key by browsing to (as described in Account Management in CAST Extend website):

ExtendCli.exe config set api-key <YOUR API KEY>

Now add one single extension to the bundle by running the following command:

ExtendCli.exe bundle add com.castsoftware.internal.platform

Now place the bundle in a temporary folder - this will generate an .extarchive file in the chosen folder:

ExtendCli.exe bundle pack -o "c:\temp"

Finally, upload the bundle to CAST Extend Offline with curl, using the following command:

curl -F "data=@<path_to_file.extarchive>" http://<server>:<port>/api/update

For example:

curl -F "data=@c:\temp\default.extarchive" http://my_server:8085/api/update
Note that if curl is not installed on your server, you can alternatively upload the bundle using AIP Console - see Update CAST Extend Offline with new content.