CAST Extend Offline is deprecated. Please useĀ CAST Extend local server instead.

Summary: step-by-step instructions for uninstallingĀ CAST Extend Offline.

Microsoft Windows

To uninstall CAST Extend Offline, you can either:

  • run the uninstaller located here:
  • use the Windows Add or remove programs menu:

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Accept the Windows User Account Control prompt:

Accept the warning prompt (note that the wording of the prompt may change according to whether you have installed a Service Pack or not):

The uninstall process will then start:

A message is shown when the uninstall is complete:

The uninstall process will remove the following items from the workstation:

  • All Windows Services installed with CAST Extend Offline will be stopped and deleted
  • All files in %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\ExtendService will be removed


An uninstall script is provided in the install location. If the default location was used, the script is located here:


Run this script with elevated permissions:

sudo ./

The script will:

  • stop the running CAST Extend Offline process
  • remove the following folder and all contents:

If you created a Linux service using systemd to autostart CAST Extend Offline, you will need to remove this manually.