Manage CAST Extend local server via Administration Center

Summary: information about the Administration Center provided in CAST Extend local server ≥ 1.1.0.


Starting CAST Extend local server ≥ 1.1.0, a UI based Administration Center has been implemented in Extend local server. This allows you to:

  • Change how CAST Extend local server functions - offline or online mode
  • View and manage manifest update settings

Accessing the Administration Center

The Administration Center is accessible only using a unique URL made available during the installation process:


The <unique_guid> can be located in the following file, if the URL was not bookmarked during the installation process:

≥ 2.0.0-funcrel

≤ 1.3.0-funcrel

I.e. on the line "ADMI":

  "PORT": 8085,
  "STORAGE_DIR": "c:/ProgramData/CAST/Extend",
  "PACKAGE_DIR": null,
  "LOG_DIR": "C:/Program Files/CAST/Extend/logs",
  "PUBLIC_URL": "http://WIN10TEST:8085/",
  "EXTEND_URL": "",
  "APIKEY": "<api_key>",
  "ADMI": "admi1b878be2b185ff2ceada943c07b066c3bbfd9f9f5c5d931fe57da43e7b98dd4cad77ad4aacd95141ebb8b27d2edd666b5ab91f76cc95ae4b2e9c7c95121eb5322",
  "SYNC_TYPE": "auto"

Available options



This option allows you to configure Extend local server with no external connection to CAST Extend. Extend local server is delivered "empty" and therefore any extensions required for analysis must be uploaded manually. This option is recommended for environments where access to third-party services over the internet are not authorised.

Note that analyses will fail if CAST Console determines that an extension is required but it cannot be found in Extend local server.
Online (default option)

This option allows you to configure Extend local server as a local intermediary to CAST Extend. An external connection to (port 443) is required. Any extensions not already present in Extend local server and which are required for analysis will be downloaded direct from CAST Extend automatically. This option is recommended in for most environments - if a connection to is unavailable (i.e. expired maintenance date or not reachable due to network issues), if the required extensions are already present in CAST Extend local server storage (already downloaded previously from CAST Extend, or manually uploaded), AIP Console will be able to continue the analysis/snapshot process without interruption.

When you choose this option, additional settings must be entered:

Extend Account EmailEnter your CAST Extend username and password. If you do not have an existing account, you can create a new one here
Extend Account Password
Proxy settings

If your organization requires internal systems to use a proxy caching server (such as Squid) for all connections, you can use this option to configure CAST Extend local server to use a proxy server for all communication. Enable the option and then enter the URL of your proxy server in the format protocol://[user:password@]host[:port]

SaveClick save when you make any changes.


This section primarily lists actions carried out by CAST Extend local server. In addition, two options are available:


This option enables you to upload an .extarchive file containing the extension you want to add to CAST Extend local server. See Update CAST Extend local server with new content for more information:

When an .extarchive is uploaded, the packages are stored by default in:


By default, the Synchronize action is performed immediately after installation (once the CAST Extend user credentials have been input) and then automatically every two hours (at the time the server is first started), Monday to Friday: CAST Extend local server will contact CAST Extend and perform a manifest synchronization - the manifest is a list of all extensions that are currently available in CAST Extend. 

Manually actioning a synchronization

If required (for example a new extension has been released which is required immediately), you can manually perform the action using this Synchronize button. The button will force CAST Extend local server to contact CAST Extend and perform a manifest synchronization. When the button is pressed, the synchronize action starts (1):

Clicking the icon marked (2) above will show the progress of the synchronization process:

Cancelling an in-progress synchronization (≥ 2.0.0-funcrel)

To cancel an in-progress synchronization, use the cancel button (2) as shown below. When a synchronization is cancelled, anything that has already been synchronized will remain, i.e. a rollback is not actioned.

Manually configuring the synchronize schedule

As mentioned above, the synchronize action is performed automatically every two hours, Monday to Friday. If you would like to change this schedule (for example to include weekends or to reduce the frequency), see Advanced configuration of CAST Extend local server.

Blacklisting extension download

To blacklist a specific extension and prevent its download, see Advanced configuration of CAST Extend local server.