Creating a custom extension to share an add-on to CAST AIP

Summary: this page explains how to create a custom extension to share an add-on to CAST AIP.


If you have developed an add-on for CAST AIP, for example, a script to do something specific, a custom Assessment Model, DLM rule files or any other item that you wish to share with the wider CAST user community, then you can use the instructions below to do so. These custom extensions cannot be "installed" using CAST Server Manager, therefore the idea is to simply package the "add-on" item as a custom extension so that it can be shared more easily with other users.

Note that:

Step 1 - create the folder for your extension

The first step involves creating the folder that will contain the extension files - the folder should use the naming conventions described in the "id" element of the .nuspec file - see Extension description file. In this example we will create a folder called com.castsoftware.uc.my_assessment_model.

Step 2 - add the files you want to share as an extension

This step involves copying the file or files you want to share as an extension into the folder you created in Step 1. In this example we are creating an extension to share a custom Assessment Model, so we will copy in one .PMX file containing the custom Assessment Model.

Step 3 - add in the plugin.nuspec description file

This step involves creating the plugin.nuspec description file and then adding this file to the the folder you created in Step 1. Please see Extension description file for more information about how to create the plugin.nuspec file. The description file for this example will look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<package xmlns="">
        <authors>User Community</authors>
        <description>This is a great extension that creates great objects and even greater links</description>
        <tags>Language FP CSS CAIP8.0.x</tags>
            <dependency id="CAIP" version="8.0.0" />
    <files />

Step 4 - completion

The custom extension folder should now contain two files:

  • my_assessment_model.pmx (in this example we are distributing an Assessment Model, but you can distribute any file)
  • plugin.nuspec

The extension can then be shared by uploading to the CAST Extend website. See Upload an extension for more information.