Summary: This section provides information about the various different contributor types, for those uploading extensions:

  • CAST Product
  • CAST Labs
  • User Community


When uploading an extension, there are three contributor (or author) types available:

  • CAST Product
  • CAST Labs
  • User Community

The contributor type needs to be defined in various locations:

  • In the Extension description file:
    • in the <id> element
    • in the <authors> element
  • In the name of the root extension folder (i.e. com.castsoftware.uc.nameoftheextension)

In addition, your CAST Extend login will also have a contributor type applied to it:

  • By default, ALL logins are granted the User Community contributor type - this restricts the upload to extensions defined as User Community extensions in the Extension description file. In other words, if you want to upload any other type of extension (i.e. CAST Labs), you need to request that your CAST Extend login is granted the appropriate additional contributor type.

The sections below provide an explanation of each contributor type and which one you should use.

CAST Product

The CAST Product contributor type is ONLY available for use with official CAST AIP Extensions. Only certain members of CAST R&D have the ability to upload extensions defined as "CAST Product".

CAST provides official support on all extensions marked as "CAST Product" that have a "Funcrel", "Longterm / LTS" or "betarelease type (extensions marked as "Alpha" releases are not officially supported).


The CAST Labs contributor tag is generally used by members of CAST's R&D and Consulting teams to publish specific extensions that they have created themselves and which are not official "CAST Product" extensions. If you want to upload a "CAST Labs" extension, you need to request that your CAST Extend login is granted the appropriate additional contributor type.

User Community

The User Community contributor type is available for all custom extensions. If you are in any doubt as to which contributor type to use, you should always use this one. Your CAST Extend login already has permission to upload extensions defined as "User Community".

CAST does not provide official support for extensions marked as "User Community", however, you are invited to contact the extension author if you have an issue and he/she may (or may not) be able to address your problem.