This feature is currently in BETA.

Summary: Information about the Change Forecast tool provided in CAST Extend to help prepare for an upgrade of a given extension.


The Change Forecast tool is provided in CAST Extend to help you prepare for an upgrade of a given extension. The tool provides the ability to choose two extension releases (i.e. the current extension you are using and the target extension you want to upgrade to) and view the changes that have occurred between the two releases. Knowing what has changed enables you to understand the impacts of upgrading your extension release on your existing analysis results. Changes covers updates such as:

  • resolved issues
  • new features
  • modifications

Accessing the tool

To access the tool, browse to the following URL: - no login is required:

Using the tool

Extension selection

Select the extension you are interested in, the current installed release and the target release, then click the Compare button. Changes are then detailed in the sections below:

Overall changes section

This section displays the CAST AIP group of results impacted by the changes between the releases you have selected. It shows the number of changes impacting these groups, and the numbers of changes having no impacts.

The CAST AIP group results are:

  • HEALTH or Health measure: a set of Technical Criteria that assess the impact on the application development.
  • PRODUCTIVITY or Productivity measurement: a set of data related to Function Points to estimate the amount of business functionality of an application.
  • DISCOVERY: all the analysis data that will allow you to visualize, navigate and discover an application architecture in CAST Imaging.

Change details

In this section, you will find the change details for all the releases that are in between the current/installed release and the target release. The changes of the target version are included. They are excluded for the current/installed versions:

Export a report

To get more details about the changes, you can export a report into Excel format: