Summary: Information about the Delivery Folder Migration Tool, a tool required during the process of importing applications into AIP Console from CAST Management Studio.

What's new?

See Delivery Folder Migration Tool - Release Notes - 1.0 for more information.

What is the Delivery Folder Migration Tool?

The Delivery Folder Migration Tool is a tool that is required during the process of Import an Application managed with CAST Management Studio into AIP Console or when performing a Delivery folder split.

CAST AIP Console uses a different format of Delivery folder (since version 1.13) than the format that is used in legacy deployments of CAST AIP using CAST Management Studio or in AIP Console ≤ 1.12.x. Therefore, before an application can be imported into AIP Console or an update to AIP Console ≥ 1.13.x can be actioned, the files stored in the existing Delivery folder relative to the Applications to be imported or updated, must be transformed into the format that AIP Console can understand.

Therefore, this tool serves two purposes:

  • For importing Applications into AIP Console from CAST Management Studio:
    • it will first copy the files for the selected Applications stored in the existing Delivery folder configured in CAST Management Studio into the Delivery folder configured for the target AIP Node where the application will be managed.
    • it will then transform these files into a structure that AIP Console can understand;
    • the existing Delivery folder remains unchanged
  • When preparing an update to AIP Console ≥ 1.13.x.

The latest release of this tool is also delivered with each major or minor release of AIP Console in the following location on EACH AIP Node:


If in doubt, CAST recommends downloading and using the tool to ensure that you have the latest release.

Existing and AIP Console Delivery folder formats

The following image shows the structure of the existing and AIP Console Delivery folder formats. In essence, the new format allows each Application to have a specific "plugins" folder, which in turn allows more flexibility with regard to the extensions that can be used with an Application:


(tick)Access to the existing Delivery folder. This can be remote to the machine you are running the tool from.
(tick)Access to the AIP Console Delivery folder. This can be remote to the machine you are running the tool from.
(tick)Access to the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance used to manage the Application schemas (when importing Applications from CAST Management Studio only).

Usage instructions

Instructions for using the tool are provided in Import an Application managed with CAST Management Studio into AIP Console and in Delivery folder split.

Technical information

Applications skipped when tool is run

The following Applications will be skipped when the tool is run:

  • Any Applications that have no delivered source code
  • Applications that have a duplicate management ID in index.xml (this file is located in the existing Delivery folder)
  • Applications whose management ID is not present in the Management schema
  • Applications with duplicate management IDs at schema level (same management ID present in different schema or across server)
  • Applications present in the Management schema whose schema name is not in align with site_name in the sys_site table

Errors / warnings

The following errors or warnings may be generated when using the tool:

Error / warnings

ERROR --- old delivery folder does not exist - C:\OldLocationEnter valid and existing old delivery folder location.Input Validation Error
ERROR --- new delivery folder does not exist - C:\NewLocationEnter valid and existing new delivery folder location.Input Validation Error
ERROR --- Config file should be a valid json file.Config file provided should be json format (.json).Input Validation Error
ERROR --- Old Delivery Folder should have index fileOld delivery folder should have index file.Input Validation Error

ERROR --- size of new directory is less than that of old directory

There is not enough space in new delivery folder. Check the size.Input Validation Error

WARN --- Schema Doesn't have CMS_PREF_SOURCES relation

This occurs when schema do not have table 'cms_pref_location'CastMSDatabaseConnection
WARN --- Schema Name is not matching with Site_Name from Sys_site table hence excluded from migrationDifference in schema name fetched from database provided in config file and site_name in sys_site table. Applications with this issue will not be migrated. CastMSDatabaseConnection
WARN --- Please remove one MNGT schema for the MNGT id to proceed furtherThis occurs when same management id is present in more than one management schema.CastMSDatabaseConnection

Files generated

The tool generates the following files at the root of the new Felivery folder location after the migration run is completed:

This file contains a summary of the migration with the following attributes:

ProcessCompletedThe value is true if the process is completed successfully, else false.
Skipped.Applications.DuplicateMngtID.NameApplications that were not migrated due to having a duplicate management ID.
LatestMigratedApplicationIDMost recent IDs of Application which have been migrated.
Size.oldDeliveryFolderShows the size of the old delivery folder.
Skipped.Applications.Undelivered.NameApplications that were not migrated due to containing no delivered source code.
Count.Applications.toBeMigratedNumber of eligible applications to be migrated.
Size.newDeliveryFolderShows the size of the new Delivery folder.
Count.Applications.skippedNumber of skipped applications (these Applications have not been migrated).
Count.Applications.overallTotal number of Applications present in the index.xml file before migration.
Count.Applications.migratedNumber of Applications that have been migrated after the process is complete.
Skipped.Applications.MissingMngtID.NameInformation about Applications whose management ID is not present in the database across schema/server (these Applications have not been migrated).


This text file contains detailed information about the Applications that have been skipped during the migration process.


This file contains a full log of the migration process.


This file is located at the root of the AIP Console delivery folder location and contains the mapping of uuid and app names for all Applications managed in he new Delivery folder by AIP Console. 

  • If the tool is re-run, any Applications listed in this file are skipped even if they are requested in config.json. This prevents the repopulation of the AIP Console Delivery folder with Applications that have already been migrated.
  • In case of abrupt failure of  any Application during the migration process, the Application mapping will not be populated in the index.xml file in the AIP Console Delivery folder.