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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in the CAST Report Generator 1.9.x.

Content matrix

VersionSummary of contentComments
  • CAST Report Generator for Dashboards released
  • New template "AEP-sample-template.xlsx"
  • New table components for AEP values
  • New table component for added, deleted, updated objects

Can be used with:

  • CAST-RESTAPI ≥ 1.9.x

Component documentation

Resolved issues

Internal IDCall IDDescription

All "security" based reports (see list below) have a bug which forces the pie chart to display a "Java" data label even if the chart is not configured to display Java data. Impacted reports:

  • OWASP-2017-Top10
  • OWASP-2017-Top10
  • OWASP-2013-Top10
  • OWASP-2013-Top10
  • CWE - Top 25 - Summary.docx
  • CISQ - Top 22 - Summary.docx
  • CISQ Compliance Report.docx
REPORTGEN-539-Template OWASP-2017-Top10 erroneous - 2. Table 1 columns justification and alignment

Template OWASP-2017-Top10 erroneous - 5. A3 table label mixup with A1

REPORTGEN-543-Template OWASP-2017-Top10 erroneous - 6. A5 description is mixup with A4 desc
REPORTGEN-544-Template OWASP-2017-Top10 erroneous - 7. A10 col labels - Metrics and violations instead of A1 to A9 labels

New features

DASHBOARDS-513 - CAST Report Generator for Dashboards - cross-platform

CAST Report Generator is now provided as a cross-platform ZIP file alongside the traditional Microsoft Windows GUI release. In other words this release can run on both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems and can be simply unzipped to the install location (no installer is provided). The primary goal of this release is to provide reporting capabilities to the CAST RestAPI - this integration is first and foremost used by the CAST dashboards to generate reports from within the dashboard interface (see CAST Dashboard Package - Release Notes - 1.9.0).

See CAST Report Generator for Dashboards for more information.

New templates

The following templates are new in v. 1.9.0:

  • OMG Automated Enhancement Points (AEP-sample-template.xlsx) - information about Automated Enhancement Points (AEP):

    • Transactional Functions
    • Data Functions
    • Technical Artifacts

New components added for templates


These new table components display a list of AEFP (Automated Enhancement Function Points) and AETP (Automated Enhancement Technical Point) values and are targeted at a Dashboard Service schema. See CAST Report Generator - Table components - 1.9.0 for full details of the two components. For example:


This table component displays a list of added, deleted or updated components in Application, Module or Technology and are targeted at a Dashboard Service schema. See CAST Report Generator - Table components - 1.9.0 for full details of the two components. For example: