Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in CAST Report Generator 1.15.x.

Content matrix

VersionSummary of content
  • GUI setup improvements for .NET SDK
  • Applications present in a Measurement schema are no longer available for selection in the GUI

  • Component additions and updates

Compatibility matrix

This release of Report Generator GUI and for Report Generator for Dashboards functions with the following:

CAST RestAPI≥ 1.12.x
Quality Standards Mapping extension≥ 20200220
.NET Core SDK3.1.x

Component documentation


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummary
REPORTGEN-89623164REPORT GENERATOR 1.15 - Pb with a Transactions table
REPORTGEN-89523163AEP Report not generated


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDDescriptionAffects Version/s
REPORTGEN-777-Empty section 4. CAST Findings Details for CWE for template CWE Detailed Report.docx1.14.0




Resolved issues

No customer bugs reported for fix in this release.


GUI setup installer will offer to install Microsoft .NET Core SDK

The setup installer for Report Generator GUI, has been updated and will offer to download and install the Microsoft .NET Core SDK at the end of the installation process:

Applications present in a Measurement schema are no longer available for selection in the GUI

Applications that are present in the Measurement Service schema are no longer offered for selection in the Application tab in the GUI. This is because certain data is not present in the Measurement Service schema thus potentially rendering reports incomplete. Portfolio templates (which are designed for Measurement Service schemas) will function normally. See also Distinguishing between identical Applications on Measurement and Dashboard Service schemas.

With regard to the CLI modeif the -domain option is not specified in the command line, Report Generator will only consider Applications stored in the Dashboard Service schema.

Report Generator http requests will now contain specific X-Client value

So that http requests originating from CAST Report Generator can be identified, CAST Report Generator will now issue requests that contain the header 'X-CLient' with the value 'CAST-ReportGenerator'. This can be leveraged, for example in the Dashboard/RestAPI audit trail.

Table component updates

See also Table components for Report Generator 1.15.0:

CAST_DISTRIBUTION, new options added:

  • MODULES=Y or N to display the results by modules
  • TECHNOLOGIES=Y or N to display the results by technologies

New table components

See also Table components for Report Generator 1.15.0:


Example configuration:

  • ID : list of IDs for BC, TC or Rule, separated by |
  • TARGETS : list of grades corresponding to the target grades for the metric in the list of IDs, if only one target, it will be used for all metrics
  • SLA : 2 values a|b corresponding to SLA Assessment thresholds :
    • Good if % difference between Target and Actual is less than a%
    • Acceptable if & difference between Target and Actual is between a% and b%
    • Poor if % difference between Target and Actual is greater than b%
This component is only usable for Portfolio level.

New graph components

See also Graph components for Report Generator 1.15.0:

TRANSACTIONS_CHART, a new components to display transactions risk index (TRI) in a bar chart:

  • SNAPSHOT=CURRENT or PREVIOUS, current by default
  • COUNT: to restrict the list of transactions, -1 for all transactions, by default 20.
  • FILTER=SECU or EFF or ROB to sort the transactions , ROB by default
  • NAME=FULL or SHORT to display transactions by their short name or full name, SHORT by default

All options are optional (default values are taken if no option). The transactions are sorted by max pri for filtering Business Criteria, so when you take only part of the transaction (by default 20), these are the 20 transactions that have the max pri for filtering Business Criteria (by default Robustness) that will be displayed:

Click to enlarge

New text components

See also Text components available for Report Generator 1.15.0:

METRIC_EVOLUTION, this component display the evolution of a metric, in percentage or in absolute, for the application, or for a module or a technology if specified.

  • ID= can be a quality indicator ID (BC, TC or QR), or sizing measure, or background fact. Mandatory parameter.
  • FORMAT=ABSOLUTE or PERCENT to get the variation either direct value, either percentage. Default is percent. (optional)
  • MODULE=name of the module for which you want the metric evolution (optional)
  • TECHNO=name of the technology for which you want the metric evolution (optional)

If no module and no technology is given, this is the value for the application that is taken:

  • Variation in percent = (current - previous) / previous
  • Variation in absolute = current - previous