This section provides a detailed description of the contents of the Target panel in the CAST Oracle Forms Extractor.

This panel enables you to define the parameters for the delivery process, i.e. your target folder path:

Target Folder Path

This command specifies the location you would like the delivery action to output the results to.

By default:

  • the field will be pre-populated with %HOMEPATH%\deliveryResults - this means that the results of the delivery action will be stored in the %HOMEPATH%\deliveryResults folder (this resolves to the user's home directory).
  • the results are outputted in raw file format (i.e. are not zipped) - you can override this in the Expert tab by activating the Target Zip Packaging option.

If you want to store the results of the delivery process in a different place, enter a location manually or use the Browse button to locate a folder.