This section provides a detailed description of the contents of the Log panel in the CAST Oracle Forms Extractor.

The Log panel simply records all transaction and any error messages that are generated during an extraction or delivery:

Message display

Messages are always appended to the log panel, therefore you may need to clear the panel prior to running a new process. You can do so by:

  • Clicking Clear Log located on the toolbar
  • Selecting View¬† > Clear Log located in the main menu

Log file

If you would like to have transaction and error messages additionally stored in a specific file on a local or network drive, you can do so by configuring the various fields in the Advanced panel.

Resizing the panel

You can resize the Log panel by "grabbing" the divider between the Log panel and the Script panel and moving it to the required size. In addition you can use the arrow icons on the divider to minimise and maximise both panels:

Double click the icon to either minimise or maximise as required.