This section provides a detailed description of the contents of the Advanced panel in the CAST Oracle Forms Extractor. By default this tab is not displayed - to view it, you need to select View > Advanced mode or View > Expert mode:

This panel enables you to define the various additional parameters for the extraction and delivery processes. CAST recommends only changing this options if you are fully aware of what you want to achieve.

Log FileThis option enables you to have transaction and error messages stored in a specific file on a local or network drive, in addition to the log displayed in the Log panel. Manually enter a log file name and location - or use the Browse button to search for a location. The log file will be a simple text file.
Export Format
This option is used for troubleshooting. Please only use this option if requested to do so by CAST Support.
Internal ID Cache Folder Path
Not currently used
Slicing Extraction
Number of module per slice 
Verbose ConfigurationNot currently used
Target Folders Dispatching

By default this option is set to TRUE. This option will force the results of the delivery process to be placed in multiple folders within the location defined in the Target panel. The uaxdirectory file will be placed at the root of the location defined in the Target panel. CAST highly recommends using this option if you are planning to deliver a large number of Oracle Forms files:

  • the files generated by the delivery action will be spread over multiple folders, thus avoiding a situation where the host file system becomes overloaded
  • the time taken to deliver the results of the extraction action can be greatly reduced (anything up to ten times quicker)
Log TimeBy default this option is set to TRUE. This option prefixes each line in the log (whether an external log file or the log displayed in the Log panel). with the date and time of each transaction during an Extraction or Delivery process. The format used is: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.millisecond