This section provides a detailed description of the contents of the Options panel in the CAST Database Extractor.

This panel enables you to define the various additional parameters for the extraction process:

VerboseBy default this option is set to TRUE. When set to true, the log (seeĀ Log panel) will contain information about the time taken to perform each specific action in milliseconds. This increases the size of the log, but is useful for troubleshooting.
Extraction File Path
This command specifies the location you would like the extractor to output the Extraction action results to.

By default:

  • the field will be pre-populated with %HOMEPATH%/exportResults - this means that the results of the extraction process will be stored in the %HOMEPATH% folder (this resolves to the current user's home directory).
  • the results are outputted in archive format - you can override this in the Expert panel by de-activating the Zip Packaging option.
  • the resulting archive file will be named exportResults.castextraction

If you want to store the results of the extraction process in a different place, enter a location manually or use the Browse button to locate a folder. Please make sure that you omit any file extension. The screen shot below will result in an archive format file called exportResults.castextraction located in the D:\Squirrel\results folder:

Configuration File Path

This field is used to specify a specific .config file that tells the extractor what to extract from the source schema/database - it is only used if the default values need to be overwritten.

CAST recommends leaving this parameter as defined.