This section provides a detailed description of the contents of the View menu within the CAST Architecture Checker:

View sets

This option enables you to display or hide Sets - this applies to the Layers and Sets window and the Main window.

  • The option is also available in the Options window.
  • Only valid when working with Architecture Models.

Inside ViewDefinition

These options toggle between various display options for Layers and Sets in the Main window.

See the Options window for more information about these options.
Content sample
ZoomVarious Zoom optionsThese options govern the zoom factor used in the Main window (Model tab only). You can also use the Options window to manage zoom.
Links above layers and sets
Activate this option to force links between layers to be displayed above any layers and sets. Applies to the Model tab of the Main window. For example, the link circled in red is displayed above the layer:

Automatic content loading

This option (when activated) will ensure that the list of objects displayed in each layer or set in the Model tab of the Main window (when working in Content Sample mode - see Options window) is updated automatically - you do, however, need a live connection to the Management schema for this to function correctly (see Working online for more information):

If this option is deactivated (if you have a large number of layers and/or sets and you are working in a particularly slow network environment), then the list of matching objects will not be updated automatically and you will need to double click in the layer/set to see the objects:

Keep invalid results
This option (when activated) will ensure that a change in the Model (e.g.: definition of new layers/sets, editing existing layers sets or modifying/editing dependencies between layers) does not remove results that have been retrieved from the CAST Analysis Service. A button called Clear invalidated results will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (following the change) to indicate that the results showing in the Model are no longer valid:

Clicking the button will remove the results from the Model tab. To regenerate them use any of the following options: