Summary: This page provides a detailed description of the Options / Contents window within the CAST Architecture Checker:

Options window

The Options window contains various GUI options - some of the options are also available in the Main menu.

Lock dependenciesUse this option to block the creation of dependencies between layers and/or sets.
Lock definitionsUse this option to block the definition of layer and/or set content.
View setsThis option enables you to display or hide Sets - this applies to the Layers and Sets window and the Main window.
Inside viewDefinition

This option (default option) displays the configuration of each layer or set and allows you to define the contents:

Content sample

This option will display a list of objects that match the configuration you have defined:

Note that if you have not yet used the Check all layers, Check content or Check model options (i.e. if you have defined a new layer and/or set), then the following will be displayed:

Double click the text to load the content (i.e. the matching objects). If you are not connected to a Management schema, the following message will be displayed - you need to connect first (see also CAST Architecture Checker - Working online):


Use this option to display blank content for your layers and/or sets:

DependenciesThis slider changes the opacity value of the links between layers - arrows.
CompositionsThis slider changes the opacity value of links between layers and sets via the configuration blocks member-of and excluded-from - arrows.

By default, this slider is set to fully clear - i.e. links are not visible.

ResultsThis slider changes the opacity value of links generated by the Check model option - arrows or arrows (when being examined).
Zoom factorThis slider governs the zoom factor used in the Main window (Model tab only). You can also use the View menu to manage zoom.
Max Results for Links/Objects
These drop down lists govern the number of links/objects that are displayed when the Check model option is run. By default, a maximum of 1,000 links and 100,000 objects will be displayed by default for performance reasons (the more links that are available, the longer the Check model process will take). You can choose from one of the following available options:
  • 1,000 links / 100,000 objects
  • 5,000 links / 200,000 objects
  • 10,000 links / 500,000 objects
  • Unlimited
Note that the Max Results for Links option will be disabled when working with a Quality Rule model.

Contents window

This window simply shows the content (i.e. the list of objects that match the configuration you have defined) of the layer or set that is currently selected in the Main window (Model tab). Its display is identical to selecting Inside View > Content sample:

You do, however, need a live connection to the Management schema for this to function correctly. See Working online for more information.