To open an existing model that you have previously saved as a .CASTArchitect / .CASTRule file:

  • click the icon on the toolbar
  • or select the File > Open Model menu option

The Open dialog box will be displayed. Choose the model you require and click Open to open the model:

Note that by default the current user's Documents folder will be opened the first time that the Open Model option is used. Subsequent uses of the Open Model option will open the folder where a .CASTArchitect/.CASTRule file was most recently selected and opened. This location is stored in the following file:


...using the following key:


By default Architecture Model files (.CASTArchitect) will be filtered. You can change the filter to view Quality Rule Model files (.CASTRule) or older project files:

Note that if you open an Architecture Model created and saved with a previous release of CAST Architecture Checker (CAST AIP ≤ 8.3.0), then you may be warned as follows:

This means that the Architecture Model was created with an older release of CAST Architecture Checker that did not include the ability to set Properties on the model (for example, associated Quality Rule name, weight, criticality, documentation etc.). As such, the CAST Architecture Checker has initialized these Properties in the Architecture Model with default values. These default values may not correspond to the values you may have set in the CAST Management Studio and therefore may impact results when the Architecture Model is used in an analysis.

See also Configuring model properties for more information about the Properties that can be configured.