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Summary: how to export a new Quality Rule Model as a single rule and add it to an existing CAST AIP extension package which already contains existing rules from other models.

Step 1 - Define the Model's properties

As explained here, ensure that you have defined the model's properties. See CAST Architecture Checker - Configuring model properties. To update an existing package with a new rule, you must be working with a different model than those exported previously.

Step 2 - Start the export

To begin the export:

  • click the icon on the toolbar
  • or select the File > Export menu

The export dialog box will then be displayed:

Click to enlarge

Note that for the very first export all fields will be blank. Subsequent exports will re-use the same field details as the last export - these can be changed if required.

The details are stored in the following file:


...using the following keys:


Choose the existing extension package folder that you want to add the rule to. The export dialog box will then be populated with the information from the existing extension export package. The rule resulting from the current model will be added in the Rules section, alongside any rules from other models that have already been exported to the extension package previously - see highlighted rule below with the status NEW as highlighted below. Existing rules will have the status PUBLISHED:

At this stage you can update only the following fields:

TitleUpdate to change title/author as required.
New Version

You can increment the version number if required.

By default the export tool will suggest that you change the version number by adding -new on to the existing version number provided for the previous export. You can use this or change it to your own requirements, for example:

  • 1.0.1
  • 1.0.0-beta1
  • 1.1.0
  • 2.0.0
  • etc.

You must click the Add button to ensure that the new version number is confirmed:

This will also update the folder name used to store the extension package - i.e. a new folder will be created on disk:

Remember that the required format is:

Note that if you do not update the version number, when the model is exported, the existing package will be updated with the new rules. No new folder will be created on disk.

To start the export, click the Export button:

On completion Windows Explorer will open at the location of the extension - remember that if you have updated the version number a brand new package will be created on disk containing the new and existing rule:

There will now be two packages on disk:

This updated extension is now ready to be installed.