CAST Architecture Checker - Deployment requirements

Summary: information to help you plan your standalone CAST Architecture Checker installation.

Recommended hardware





1 processor X 4 core


8GB min


Supported Operating Systems

Note that the CAST Architecture Checker is a 64-bit application, therefore a 64-bit Operating System is required.
Operating SystemSupportedSupported by referenceNotes
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit(tick)

Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit(tick)

Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit(tick)

Microsoft Windows 11 64-bit(tick)

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit (Standard edition)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 64-bit (Standard edition)
(tick)Installations of Windows Server using only Server Core (i.e. without a GUI) are not supported.
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit (Standard edition)
Microsoft Windows Server 2016(tick)
Microsoft Windows Server 2019(tick)
Microsoft Windows Server 2022(tick)

Supported CAST AIP releases

  • CAST Architecture Checker can check models against Management Service schemas installed from the following releases of CAST AIP
  • Extensions created from Quality Rule Models can be installed on the following releases of CAST AIP
CAST AIPSupported

Supported RDBMS

CAST AIPSupportedNotes
CSS/PostgreSQL(tick)CAST highly recommends using CSS/PostgreSQL to benefit fully from all available functionality.

Some functionalities are not supported when using these RDBMS to host CAST AIP schemas - for example:

  • Connection via connection profile
  • Export of Quality Rules
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)


(tick)User permissions

To run the setup, the follow user permissions are required:

WindowsLocal Administrator privileges

Installation coexistence with legacy releases

CAST Architecture Checker has been "decoupled" from the CAST AIP setup so that it is now "standalone" (it will continue to be shipped with CAST AIP but this release will not receive any new features or updates). If you already have previous legacy releases of CAST Architecture Checker installed on the target workstation originating from the CAST AIP setup, then you can install a standalone release of the CAST Architecture Checker at the same time and the two can co-exist without issue since the default installation locations are different.

Below is a screenshot of the Apps panel displaying the standalone CAST Architecture Checker: