You have created a Layer called Data (i.e. matches all the source code that runs the Data tier in your application) and you would like to assign all SQL tables that use a specific naming convention (beginning with T_) to this layer. To do this, you can combine a selection based on the object type and another based on the name.

Step-by-step process
  • In the Types and Properties window, type "SQL" in the Filter textbox. This action filters the CAST Meta-Model properties to show you only the Types that contain the "SQL" string in their name:

  • Note that you can also tick the option Show only application types to filter only those objects that are actually stored in the CAST Analysis Service following the generation of a snapshot. See Types and Properties window for more information about this.
  • Drag the type called SQL Table from the Types and Properties window and drop it onto the Data layer in the Main window.
  • This will result in the following, which will assign all objects to the selected layer whose type equals SQL Table:

  • To assign only SQL Table type objects beginning with T_ drag the name node (in the identification category) in the Types and Properties window over to the Data layer - taking care to drop the item onto the purple coloured area that is already displayed - outlined in pink in the below image (this ensures that you create an AND selection criteria - see Working with multiple selection criteria for more information):

  • When the name identification property is dropped on to the Layer into the existing type selection criteria, a Properties dialog box will be displayed offering you the opportunity to type in the value and the operator you want to apply to the selected property. Here we will use = and type in the following value: T_%. This will assign all objects to the selected layer whose name starts with T_:

  • The Layer will then look like this - note the AND (circled in red) indicating that the two criteria must be fulfilled in order for an object to match (see Working with multiple selection criteria for more information about this):

  • See Check all layers or Check content for more information about how to verify that your selection criteria match the objects you are targeting.