You have created a Layer called Business (i.e. matches all the source code that runs the Business logic in your application) and you would like to assign all classes and interfaces to this layer, i.e. all the objects belonging to the Java package called "com.mycompany.app.BU".

Step-by-step process
  • Select the fullname property in the Types and Properties window and drag and drop it to the the Business Layer you've already created in Define dependencies mode (see Define Layers, Sets and Dependencies), as shown in the screenshot below:

  • When the fullname identification property is dropped on to the Layer,¬†a Properties¬†dialog box will be displayed offering you the opportunity to type in the value and the operator you want to apply to the selected property. Here we will use Like (equivalent to SQL "Like" operator) and type in the following value: %com.mycompany.app.BU%. This will assign all objects to the selected layer whose full name contains %com.mycompany.app.BU%:

Note: depending on the selected property, not all operators will be available in the above dialog box:

For Type, only = and != will be available For Analysis Unit name, only = will be available For Module name, only = will be available

  • Once complete, the Layer should display the following content:

  • See Check all layers and Check content for more information about how to verify that your selection criteria match the objects you are targeting.