Once the Layers and Sets have been created (see Define Layers, Sets and Dependencies) you now need to define their contents in terms of objects.

In basic terms, a Layer or Set is composed of a list of selection criteria. A selection criterion is a list of conditions that assign specific objects from a CAST analysis - objects that match these conditions are then "assigned" to the specific Layer or Set. The easiest way to select objects to fill a Layer or Set is to identify the objects by name or by type. This is extremely easy to do: just drag and drop the relevant property from the Types and Properties window to the target Layer Set in the Main window (Model tab).

Below are some simple examples, which can be extended as necessary:

CAST highly recommends avoiding a situation where the same object or objects belong to multiple layers in the same Architecture Model. If the same object or objects do belong to multiple layers, when using the Check model option, violations to the rules in the model may not be highlighted and you may encounter inconsistent results.

See Glossary for description of Layers, Sets etc.