When working online, you can use this option to display the objects resulting from your analyses (as stored in the CAST Analysis Service schema) that match the selection criteria you have defined for all your layers/sets.

The option can be accessed:

When selected, the CAST Architecture Checker will query the CAST Analysis Service schema (via the current connection to the CAST Management Service schema) and return all matching objects. Results are displayed with a numerical indication in the title bar of your layers and sets. This number refers to the number of objects that exactly match the selection criteria defined for your layer or set:

  • If you have a large number of layers and sets and a corresponding application that contains many objects, this option can take some time to complete.
  • You can use the Check content option to check the matching objects for one layer or set AND also automatically display the list of matching objects and their source code.

  • If you are not working online, you will be prompted to connect.

  • Before you can take advantage of the online operating mode you do need to have already successfully generated a snapshot of your application. SeeĀ CAST Architecture Checker - Working online.