When working online, you can use this option to check whether any objects are assigned to more than one layer. This is useful in two ways:

  • To check whether actual objects in the source code are where they should be
  • To check whether your model has been correctly designed - you may have accidentally configured criteria to match the same object type in more than one layer

The option can be accessed:

  • From the Action > Check overlapping layers menu
  • Using the Toolbar icon

When selected, the CAST Architecture Checker will query the CAST Analysis Service (via the current connection to the CAST Management Service) and return all objects that match multiple layers.

The column "Layers" (highlighted in red) indicates which layers the objects are assigned to.

View source code

If you would like to see the source code that forms an object please see View source code.

Column filtering

You can also use the Filter icon in each column heading to sort and filter according to content:

  • Choose the filter type in the drop down list
  • Choose whether the criteria will be applied using case sensitive text or not.
  • Enter the filter text.

Only content that matches the chosen criteria will be displayed.