Check content

When working online, you can use this option to display the objects resulting from your analyses (as stored in the CAST Analysis Service) that match the selection criteria you have defined for the current layer or set. This option is similar to Compute all content, however Check content also gives you the chance to verify the source code of the objects that match your criteria.

The option can be accessed:

  • By right clicking the layer or set and selecting Check content

When selected, the CAST Architecture Checker will query the CAST Analysis Service (via the current connection to the CAST Management Service) and return all matching objects for your layer or set. Results are displayed in two ways:

  • with a numerical indication in the title bar of your layers and sets. This number refers to the number of objects that exactly match the selection criteria defined for your layer or set:

  • with a detailed display of the matching objects:

An explanation of each option is listed below:

Column headingsNameObject's short name as saved in the CAST Analysis Service
TypeObject type as defined by CAST's meta-model.
Full NameObject's full name as saved in the CAST Analysis Service
View source|Use this option to view the source code of the selected object as stored in the CAST Analysis Service. The source code will be displayed in the Source Code tab (see Main window for more information).


- This option is only visible if you select a violation.

- This option relies on the CAST Management Studio option Always upload Source Code for viewing in CAST Dashboard being set to true (this is the default position).

- Some items listed are in fact folder items or maybe part of a compiled JAR file (for example), and as such their source code is not visible.

View source code

If you would like to see the source code that forms an object please see View source code.

Dialog box hints

The following hints pertain to the List of objects dialog box displayed when you use the Check content option.

  • The List of Objects dialog box (displayed when the Check content option is actioned) is non-modal, in other words, when displayed, it does not block you from continuing to work on your Architecture Model. This is useful if you want to check the contents of other Layers or Sets in your Architecture Model - the results displayed in the dialog box will update when you action the Check content option on a different Layer or Set.
  • You can drag and drop one or multiple objects listed in the dialog box direct into an existing Layer or Set. Doing so will cause the creation of a criteria that will match the selected objects based on their full name.
  • If the dialog box is left open when the Management Service connection or the selected Application changes, the View source button in the dialog box will cease to function

Column filtering

You can also use the Filter icon in each column heading to sort and filter according to content:

  • Choose the filter type in the drop down list
  • Choose whether the criteria will be applied using case sensitive text or not.
  • Enter the filter text.

Only content that matches the chosen criteria will be displayed.