Change application

As part of the connection process for working online you are prompted to select an application (as defined in the CAST Management Studio) - this is the application that you will check your architecture model against.

If you need to change the application, you can use this option.

The option can be accessed:

When selected, you will be prompted to select the new application (as defined in the CAST Management Studio) you want to check using the Architecture Checker:

  • Select the Application and click the OK to change to this new Application.
  • Any future use of the online options (see Working online) will use this new application.
  • Any applications that are created in the CAST Management Studio while you are connected with the CAST Architecture Checker will not be immediately visible using this option. You may need to reconnect to the CAST Management Service using the Connect and select application option. If you are not working online, you will be prompted to connect
  • Before you can take advantage of the online operating mode you do need to have already successfully generated a snapshot of your application. See CAST Architecture Checker - Working online.