Summary: this page explains how to ensure that any custom Business Criteria (and contributing Technical Criteria/Rules) are visible in the Engineering Dashboard.


If you have created custom Business Criteria with custom contributing Technical Criteria and Rules, you need to use the following steps to ensure that these items can be seen in the Engineering Dashboard. Take the following example created in the CAST Management Studio (at the current time it is not possible to create custom Business Criteria/Technical Criteria/Rules in CAST AIP Console):

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Required steps

  • Generate a new snapshot so that the custom Business Criteria is included in the results.
  • Modify the ed/ced.json file in your deployed Engineering Dashboard and set "filterHealthFactor": false, - see Engineering Dashboard json configuration options for more information about this.
  • Restart your Apache Tomcat server to ensure that the changes in ed/ced.json are applied.
  • View results in the dashboard (remember to clear the browser cache):