When a Dashboard (embedded or standalone) is installed as a Windows Service, it is configured with specific Java parameters, for example initial memory pool and max memory pool amongst others:

--JvmMx 1024 --JvmMs 256

It is sometimes necessary to modify these parameters, however, it is not possible to do so by right clicking the service in the Windows Service snap-in and choosing Properties:

Instead CAST provides a specific tool with the installed Dashboard that allows you to view these Java parameters:


Running this batch file will launch the Windows Service snap-in and the Java parameters will be available for modification:

Note that if you are using  2.11.1, the dashboard-service-monitor.bat tool is not available. However, it can be created manually with the following script, changing the value of set SERVICE_NAME to match the name of your installed Windows Service:

@echo off

:: First, change for directory = the complete directory of current batch file
set WORKING_PATH=%~dp0

set SERVICE_EXE=dashboard-servicew
set SERVICE_NAME=<change to match your service name>

:: Launch Windows Service monitor GUI

The SERVICE_NAME is defined here: