Top Riskiest tile provides a clickable "cloud" of transaction names  - the larger and bolder the font used to display the transaction name, the higher the TRI value (TRI or Transaction Risk Index is an indicator of the risk for transaction) has within the specified Health Factor (i.e. Robustness, Efficiency and Security for example). Robustness is set as the default Health Factor but can be changed in the tile itself using the drop down arrow.

Clicking a transaction name in the tile will take you directly to the transaction in the Transaction Investigation view.


  • type: tile type, has to be TopRiskiestTransactions
  • parameters
    • business the default health factor ID
    • nbRows (optional) the number of items to fetch (default to 30)
  • color : tile color
  • other parameters for sizing and positioning of the tile - see¬†Tile Sizing and Positioning


  "type": "TopRiskiestTransactions", 
  "parameters": {
    "business": "60013",
  "color": "orange",
  "col": 7,
  "row": 3,
  "sizex": 2,
  "sizey": 2,
  "min-sizex": 2,
  "min-sizey": 1,
  "max-sizey": 5,
  "max-sizex": 5