The executable JAR files provided for standalone CAST Dashboards¬†‚Č• 2.5.0 provide an automatic uninstaller to remove the installation. There are various ways to use this uninstaller as listed below.

Via the Add/remove programs entry - Microsoft Windows only

The executable JAR file will create an entry in the Microsoft Windows registry. This entry means that the install will be listed in the Microsoft Windows Add/remove programs control panel:

Click the entry and choose Uninstall:

The uninstaller will then launch - choose the "Force deletion" option if you want to fully remove all install folders, then click Uninstall.

If you installed a Microsoft Windows service during the installation, this service will not be deleted using this uninstall method. Instead, you can delete the service using the following command line option:

sc.exe delete servicename

Executing the uninstaller.jar file

Another method is to execute the uninstaller directly. You can find the uninstaller in the following location:


You can either double click the file (in UI mode) or run it from the command line:

java -jar uninstaller.jar -c

This method will ensure that the Microsoft Windows service (if you chose to install it) is removed.