Summary: This page explains how to remove snapshot data so that it is no longer available for display.

If you need to remove snapshot data, there are two methods you can use:

  • via the CAST Management Studio (GUI mode)
  • via the CAST Management Studio command line (CLI mode)

GUI mode

To remove snapshot data using the CAST Management Studio GUI, open the Application editor and move to the Execute tab (you can also open the Dashboard Service editor and move to the Snapshots tab):

  • Select the snapshot you want to remove (1)
  • Click the Delete button as circled above (2)
  • You will then be warned that you will remove the snapshot from the Dashboard and Measurement Services - click OK to continue
  • The snapshot will then be removed and it will no longer be possible to consult data in the dashboard

CLI mode

To remove snapshot data using the CAST Management Studio CLI, you need to use the CAST-MS-cli.exe executable located in the CAST AIP installation folder. Create a batch file containing the following commands:

CAST-MS-cli.exe DeleteSnapshot -connectionProfile CAST_MNGT -captureDate 20140128040000 -appli "MEUDON" -dashboardService CAST_DASH

This will connect to the CAST Management Service schema using the Connection Profile called "CAST_MNGT" and then delete the snapshot with the Capture Date/Time "20140128040000" (snapshot taken on 28th January 2014 at 04:00:00 AM) from the "MEUDON" Application located on the "CAST_DASH" Dashboard Service. This will also remove it from the Measurement Service.

You can find more information about the Command Line interface in the CAST Management Studio help (tap F1 in CMS to load the help).

Note that if you omit the six figure time from the -captureDate parameter, the CLI tool will assume that the snapshot was taken at 00:00:00 AM (midnight). If a snapshot was taken at this time, it will be deleted.