If you are a new CAST customer or if you are standing up new hardware specifically to onboard a new Application, you can perform a New customer installation. The steps required are as follows:

Step 1Get the installation mediaDownload the required software components from CAST Extend.
Step 2

Install AIP Core

AIP Core is the "backbone" analysis and snapshot engine. One instance of AIP Core per server ("AIP Node") is required.

Step 3

Install CAST Storage Service or PostgreSQL

CAST highly recommends the use of PostgreSQL on a Linux instance as this consistently gives the best performance.
Step 4

Install CAST Extend local server or Offline - optional

CAST Extend Offline/Proxy is only required if (due to security concerns for example) your organization/AIP Console cannot interact over the public internet with CAST's Extend system for Extension management. This package provides CAST's Extend system as an "offline" component which can be installed as an on-premises solution.

Step 5

Install AIP Console and AIP Node packages

Run the AIP Console installer to install the AIP Console package on a dedicated server and AIP Node package on all AIP Nodes.

Step 6Initial configuration steps

Perform the initial configuration steps using the AIP Console front-end:

Step 7Install CAST Dashboards - new customers

At the current time there are two methods available for deploying CAST Dashboards (Health/Engineering) - each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Use standalone dashboards
  • Use dashboards embedded in the AIP Console package
Step 8Access AIP Console

When the installation is complete, access AIP Console using the following URL. Ensure you specify the correct server (change "server") and port number: