Summary: this page explains how to inject custom tags into the Health or Engineering dashboards. These custom tags can then be used in custom tiles. Injecting custom tags is available in the CAST Dashboard Package ≥ 1.11.0.


CAST automatically applies tags to certain structural rules via the Quality Standards Mapping extension, however, it is also possible to manually inject custom tags, apply them to specific structural rules and then exploit these custom tags in either the Engineering or Health Dashboard via a Custom Tile.



Dashboards ≥1.11.0 must be used.


When injecting into AED (i.e. Dashboard Service schema), the Quality Standards Mapping extension MUST be installed otherwise the required column in the aed_quality_tags_doc table does not exist. However, provided that the extension is installed, a schema from any release of AIP can be used.


When injecting into AAD (i.e. Measurement Service schema), all that is required is that a schema from AIP ≥ 8.3.15  MUST be used. The Quality Standards Mapping extension is not required.

Injection process

Tags are injected using CURL with the following syntax:

curl -X PUT --header "Content-type: text/csv" --user username:password --upload-file {path to .csv file} http://{server}:{port}/{dashboard}/rest/{domain}/custom-quality-tags


-X PUTUse this to tell CURL to use a PUT instead of a GET (default action)
--headerThis specifies that the uploaded content will be in CSV format.
--user username:passwordYou need to authenticate with the dashboard. Enter your dashboard credentials - i.e. username/password.

Enter the path to the .CSV file containing your custom tags and corresponding rule IDs - avoid paths with white space in them. For example:

--upload-file D:\temp\data.csv

The .CSV file should be formatted with an initial header line containing the Rule ID;Tag pair and then each following line is a rule ID and your tag:

  • You can upload multiple custom tags in one CSV file
  • Multiple custom tags can be assigned to one single rule
  • Custom tags must always start with CUSTOM

For example:

Rule ID;Tag
URL to CAST dashboard

Use the following URL format:


Change the following to your own environment:

  • {server}:{port}
  • {dashboard}
  • {domain} either AAD (Health) or AED (Engineering)

Removal process

The removal process involves running a CURL command with a DELETE request. The .CSV file contains the Rule ID;Tag pairing for the tags you want to remove.

curl -X DELETE --header "Content-type: text/csv" --user username:password --upload-file {path to .csv file} http://{server}:{port}/{dashboard}/rest/{domain}/custom-quality-tags

Exploiting custom tags

Once the custom tags have been injected for the structural rules you require, you can then create a custom tile(s) in the Engineering or Health Dashboard to show the number of critical/non-critical violations for the rules that have been assigned the custom tag.

See the following documentation for more information: