These tiles needs to be configured manually.

Industry Standard tiles are designed to display violation count data generated by the following CAST extensions that provide data about industry standards. These are:


  • type: tile type has to be IndustryStandards
  • parameters:
    • title: Title of the tile
    • id: the Quality Standards or custom tag you wish to view
    • description: a free text field to describe what the tile shows (not shown in the dashboard)
  • color: tile color
  • other parameters for sizing and positioning of the tile - see Tile Sizing and Positioning


This example will display a tile showing the number of violations for the CISQ Index Business Criterion (1062100):

	"type": "IndustryStandards",
	"parameters": {
		"title": "CISQ",
		"id": "1062100"
	"color": "green",
	"col": 4,
	"row": 2,
	"sizex": 1,
	"sizey": 1,
	"max-sizex": 2,
	"max-sizey": 1

Clicking on the tile navigates to Risk investigation view and the specified Industry Standard will be selected in the Health Factor table. This tile displays N/A if the application does not have data for industry standards and the clicking option is disabled in this case.