Health Factor weakness/strength tiles provide a summary of the strengths and weaknesses (in terms of Technical Criteria) for a given Health Factor.

Note that depending on whether Critical Violations or ALL Violations are being displayed (see Data Filtering on Critical Violations), the content will reflect the filter that is currently active, displaying only Critical Violations or ALL Violations accordingly.

These tiles provide:

  • Weaknesses: Items displayed are the Technical Criteria considered to have at least one critical violation. The Technical Criteria are sorted from worst (top) to least bad (bottom).
  • Strengths: Items displayed at the Technical Criteria that do not have any critical violations (this includes Technical Criteria that have no critical Quality Rules or┬áTechnical Criteria that have critical rules with no violations).


  • type: tile type has to be BusinessCriteria
  • parameters
    • business the health factor ID
    • indicator the health factor name
    • orderBy strength or weakness
  • color: tile color
  • other parameters for sizing and positioning of the tile - see Tile Sizing and Positioning


  "type": "BusinessCriteria",
  "parameters": {
    "business": "60012",
    "indicator": "Changeability",
  "color": "green",
  "col": 3,
  "row": 3,
  "sizex": 2,
  "sizey": 1,
  "min-sizex": 2,
  "min-sizey": 1,
  "max-sizex": 3,
  "max-sizey": 5