This step is not required when using Dashboards 1.x and can be skipped.


Before your users can starting using the CAST Dashboards/RestAPI, you must ensure that at least one user has been granted the ADMIN role which has permission to access all data and configuration settings. There are various ways to do this, all detailed below.

This action must be completed from the same machine where the Dashboard is deployed, i.e. using the URL http://localhost. This is a security mechanism and attempting this action from another host on the network will fail. Note that when using SAML authentication mode, the requirement to perform this action using the URL http://localhost is removed and can be performed from any machine.

Using the Dashboard UI

The first person to log in to any CAST Dashboard following User authentication configuration will be confronted with the following message - this indicates that the user that has logged in is not permitted to access any data:

Assuming that the current logged in user should be granted the ADMIN role, click the user name and select User configuration from the drop down list:

The following message will then be displayed (this message is displayed when the system detects that there are no users that have been granted the ADMIN role):

Clicking the BECOME ADMIN button will grant the ADMIN role to the currently logged in user and then the login to the Dashboard will proceed.

Using the RestAPI UI

You can perform this step using the built-in RestAPI client UI. This is accessible from the following URL:

WAR file deployment:

JAR/ZIP file deployment:

First login with the user that will become the admin:

Now change the HTTP method to PUT, enter a specific URI (user/admin-role) and click submit:

This should return the following which indicates that the currently logged in user now has the ADMIN role:

Using the command line for no UI Linux deployments

If you have deployed the Dashboards/RestAPI in a Linux environment without a UI, then you can use curl to perform the BECOME ADMIN action using the following command line:

curl -X PUT -u <username>:<password> http://localhost:8088/rest/user/admin-role 

For example, to grant the user cast with the password cast the ADMIN role:

curl -X PUT -u cast:cast http://localhost:8088/rest/user/admin-role 

If you are using the Standalone Dashboards for Docker deployment, then you will need to run this command from within the Docker container itself. To enter the container use the following command:

docker exec -it <id|name of your container>

What next?

When the BECOME ADMIN action has been completed, you should then log in to the Dashboard and grant roles to other users as necessary for your deployment - see User roles.