Engineering Dashboard - Connection - login - logout

Summary: This page provides instructions for connecting to the Engineering Dashboard and the login and logout options.

Connecting to the Engineering Dashboard

To connect to the Engineering Dashboard, browse to the URL provided to you by your CAST Administrator. This will usually be in the following format:


The login page will then be displayed:

Access from the AIP Console

Accessing the Engineering Dashboard from the AIP Console is simple - click the appropriate icon:

Simple URL mechanism in 1.x WAR files

If you already know the name of the Application you want to consult in the Engineering Dashboard, you can use the following URL format to go direct to the most recent snapshot for the given Application. Note that <application_name> is case sensitive:

Standalone dashboard: http://<server>:[<port>]/CAST-Engineering/engineering/index.html#applications/<application_name>
Dashboard deployed via AIP Console: http://<server>:[<port>]/engineering/index.html#applications/<application_name>


To login to the Engineering Dashboard, you need to enter a username and password and then click the Log In button.

Depending on the authentication mode configured by the CAST Administrator (see User authentication for more information) you need to login with a presupplied username and password, or your corporate username and password. If in doubt, contact your CAST Administrator.

  • If for any reason a user cannot access the Engineering Dashboard (they do not have a login or they have forgotten their password), it is possible to configure a "Can't access" link to be displayed on the dashboard login page. Please see Lost password and request access configuration for more information.
  • No credentials are required if you are accessing the dashboard from the AIP Console - the AIP Console credentials are used instead providing an SSO (single sign-on).

Cannot login

This section describes some of the reasons why you may not be able to login to the dashboard:

Note that the message displayed on login can be tailored to your own organization's needs. Please see Modifying login error messages for more information.

Not authorized

If you are not authorized to view any data in the Engineering Dashboard, then upon login a message will be displayed as follows and no further use of the dashboard is allowed:

Note that data authorization is explained in Data authorization.

No license key

If you attempt to login to the Engineering Dashboard when no license key has been configured, the following message will be displayed:

This software is subject to a limited access message

If, on login, you are presented with the following message on each page in the Engineering Dashboard, you should contact your CAST Administrator to request that the license is updated:

You can click the link on the "CAST Project Manager" text (underlined in the image above) to contact the administrator. Doing so will open an email in your default email client requesting that the license is updated.


Click the logout button to logout from the dashboard:

Session timeout mechanism

By default a session timeout mechanism is in use. When the dashboard detects a session timeout (i.e. there is no GET or POST activity) users will now be notified with an opportunity to continue the session (if within the timeout period) or log back in (if the timeout period has expired) to the system. On timeout, the following dialog box will be displayed - this indicates (in the upper right corner) how many seconds are remaining before a re-login will be required - the default remaining seconds is set to 10. Clicking Continue will return to the session without requiring a login:

Click to enlarge

If the Time left gets to 0, then the Continue button will be disabled and the re-login button will be activated. Clicking Re-login will return the user to the login screen where authentication is required to continue the session:

Click to enlarge

Note that:

  • when SAML/SSO authentication is in operation, users will be redirected to the dashboard home page (i.e. no need to re-login) when they click the Re-Login button.
  • You can modify the remaining seconds before a login is required by editing the ced.json file and adding the alertTimeoutInterval parameter. See Engineering Dashboard json configuration options for more information.

Check for update

Check for update option is available only for Admin users. 

Clicking the Check for update option will display a dialog box showing the current Dashboard version information, and whether a new version is available: