• Custom tiles are available only in version ≥ 1.11.0.
  • For Quality Standards tags, the extension Quality Standards Mapping must be installed prior to generating the snapshot, otherwise no tag data is available and no results will be returned.
  • Custom tags can be manually injected at any time - results will be available immediately.

Custom tile (not available by default) displays the number of violations (critical/non-critical violations according to the filter enabled) for rules tagged with a specific Quality Standards tag or manually injected custom tag.


  • type: tile type has to be QualityStandards
  • parameters:
    • title: Title of the tile
    • id: the Quality Standards or custom tag you wish to view
    • description: a free text field to describe what the tile shows (not shown in the dashboard)
  • color: tile color
  • other parameters for sizing and positioning of the tile - see Tile Sizing and Positioning


This example will display a tile showing the number of violations tagged with the CISQ-RELIABILITY tag:

	"type": "QualityStandards",
	"parameters": {
		"title": "CISQ Reliability",
        "id": "CISQ-RELIABILITY",
        "description": "violations"
	"color": "blue",
	"col": 1,
	"row": 12,
	"sizex": 1,
	"sizey": 1,
	"max-sizex": 2,
	"max-sizey": 1

Drill down behaviour

Clicking on any of these tiles navigates to the Risk investigation view with the specific tag selected in a drop-down at the top of the table - therefore filtering and displaying only rules that have this tag. "All Rules" will be selected in the Technical Criteria table by default and the list of rules displayed in the right hand panel are those that correspond to the selected tag:

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