The Background Facts tiles are available only  in version ≥ 1.11.0.

Background Facts tile (not available by default) displays Background Facts that you have manually configured and uploaded during the snapshot generation (see Background Facts and Business Value Metric upload). The tile can display information about one metric that you have defined in the uploaded Background Facts file.


  • type: tile type, has to be BackgroundFactOverView
  • parameters
    • backgroundFactId refers to the Background Fact numerical ID as displayed in the Assessment Model in the CAST Management Studio:

    • title the title to display in the tile (long titles will be set to a fixed length)
  • color: tile color
  • other parameters for sizing and positioning of the tile - see Tile Sizing and Positioning


	"type": "BackgroundFactOverView",
	"parameters": {
		"title":"Business Value"
	"color": "eco-green",
	"col": 3,