The Architecture Model tile (not available out of the box) displays all Architecture Models that have been assigned to the Application and checked during the snapshot. The tile displays the number of violations/critical violations (depending on the configuration of the criticalsRulesOnly parameter in the tile configuration) per Architecture Model. Clicking an Architecture Model will drill down and display the details of the selected rule in the Risk Investigation page.


  • type: tile type has to be ArchitectureModel
  • parameters:
    • business: must be set to 60017
    • criticalsRulesOnly: set to true or false depending on requirements - Architecture Models can be set to either Critical or Non-Critical - therefore all violations of the model will either be Critical or Non-Critical:
      • true: the tile will display only Critical Violations
      • false: the tile will display Non-Critical Violations
  • color: tile color
  • other parameters for sizing and positioning of the tile - see Tile Sizing and Positioning.