Advanced rescan - analysis - snapshot generation and validation


In an Advanced rescan scenario, you now have two choices depending on the source code that you delivered in the new version of your Application:

  • If the new Version contains only updated source code and no new technologies, and/or you made no significant changes to the analysis configuration settings, you can proceed with a snapshot and an analysis, together with an upload of the data into the Measurement schema for use with the Health Dashboard.
  • If the new Version contains new technologies, and/or you made changes to the analysis configuration settings, it is more prudent to run an analysis and validate these results before you generate a snapshot and upload the data into the Measurement schema.

Run analysis and/or generate a snapshot

To run an analysis or generate a snapshot, move to the AIP Console screen if you are not already there:

Locate the Application and click the Run analysis option as highlighted below:

In the subsequent popup, before clicking Run ensure you have chosen the correct options depending on your situation as outlined in the Introduction section above:

Analysis onlyAnalysis/snapshot/upload to Measurement

At this point the analysis and/or snapshot process will start:

Analysis onlyAnalysis/snapshot/upload to Measurement

On completion if you need to validate either the analysis or snapshot, please see the following sections from the Advanced onboarding section:

If you ran only an analysis, you will now need to generate a snapshot and upload the results to the Health Dashboard: