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  • 8.3.16

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New Features

New drop-down in Health Dashboard home page to switch between AIP and ISO tile viewA new drop-down has been added to both the portfolio and application home page which allows you to change the tile view based on default AIP data or ISO-5055 data generated by the ISO-5055 extension. This new view uses new .json configuration files (app-ISO.json and cmp-ISO.json). See
Technology filter implementation in the Health Measure drill down page in the Health DashboardA new "Technology" filter has been added to the Health Measure drill down page (similar in functionality to the existing Module filter). See

Feature Improvements

HD: Functionality to change the ISO-5055 tile viewTiles in the new ISO-5055 view which rely on ISO-5055 data can all be modified to use other ISO-5055 technical criteria. See
ED: Industry standard tiles should show non-critical violation counts by defaultIndustry standard tiles will show total violation counts by default, and will not change when the Critical violations toggle is enabled.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3637HD: Description is overlapping with title for customExpresions Tiles in HD
DASHBOARDS-3624HD: Trends Tile showing "no evolution" in case of single snapshot
DASHBOARDS-3525HD: Trends Tile showing "no evolution" in case of single snapshot
DASHBOARDS-3508HD: Regression issue: HD Application Map tile is not displaying any value
DASHBOARDS-3463HD: ID should be unique for AEP tile in HD
DASHBOARDS-3444ED and HD (API): /server/reset web service should reload the roles.xml file
DASHBOARDS-3650HD: Tiles are not displaying modules and technologies in application level
DASHBOARDS-3621ED: Action Plan Recommendation Algorithm Bug in the rules selection
DASHBOARDS-3655ED and HD (API): Bad order of records for some extraction with modules

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
29825ED: EXCLUSIONS and ACTION tabs are not available in dashboard due to overlap of item in the view (ED)
29574HD: Applications map tile in health dashboard is showing no values
29299HD: Review of label 'Applications Added' in Application Fast Fact tile
30102[AIP Datamart] ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "mod_health_scores_pkey". This bug impacting the RestAPI is now fixed.