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Package contents:

  • The combined WAR package com.castsoftware.aip.dashboard contains:

    • Engineering Dashboard 1.23.1-funcrel (with a customer bug fix in the RestAPI)
    • Health Dashboard 1.23.1-funcrel (with a customer bug fix in the RestAPI)


  • Contains a customer bug fix in the RestAPI

Can be used with:

  • 8.3.16

Package contents:

New Features:

  • Engineering Dashboard: Compliance (in %) option is added in Action Plan Recommendation (APR)
  • Health Dashboard: An option is added to the cmp.json file that allows users to configure API timeout period


  • Health Dashboard: Functional release of the new layout redesign
  • Contains customer bug fixes for the Engineering Dashboard and Health Dashboard

RestAPI documentation


Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
27297Issue in RestAPI while extracting data in Datamart


Feature Improvements

As a user, I would like to specify the improvement goal as grade or complianceIn Action Plan Recommendation, a new option “Compliance (in%)” is added for improvement goal. The Compliance slider indicates the target Compliance (in %) user would like to achieve for the chosen Health Factor (Compliance percentage range from 0 (worst) to 100 (best)). Refer:
App-navigation dependency is removed for custom tile configurationIn case of custom tile configuration, there will be no more dependency on app-navigation file
API timeout period now configurable in Health DashboardA new option has been added to the cmp.json file that allows users to configure how long the Health Dashboard will wait for the API to respond while fetching data: timeoutPeriod. This option is set by default to 60000ms (1 minute) and a custom value can be used when your Health Dashboard contains a large number of applications or several extremely large applications to increase the timeout period. The value was hardcoded to 60000ms (1 minute) in previous releases of the Health Dashboard and was not configurable. Refer:

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3045HD - Redesign - custom trends page - selecting time analysis giving a blank page.
DASHBOARDS-3035HD - Tiles with number format not showing proper value
DASHBOARDS-2940ED - Sidebar icon is not selected on reload of the page
DASHBOARDS-3049HD - Redesign - Rule section loading when HD to ED drilldown with module selected

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
26898HD - Dashboard data is not available in the Tiles after creating the XML for background Fact and Running the new Analysis/Snapshot
26763ED - "Application Components" tile is not loading for the application
26868HD - Evolution of custom tile is not showing in HD
26454HD - Performance issues with Health Dashboard as number of apps and snapshots increases